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True Revelation Vs Humanistic Ideas — 6 Comments

  1. Significant portions of this word were exact quotes from the NKJV Spirit Filled Bible, from Eph. 1:17-19, by Jack Hayford.
    I am not condemning but I would suggest that a truthful acknowledgement of the source is necessary.  Integrity is essential for a prophetic voice.

  2. Praise God! Amen! Amen, beloved and Anointed Sister in Jesus Christ the Lord! I receive and embrace this message of truth. I had to learn this, after being hurt and disappointed, the Lord begin to lead me through the Holy Spirit, to step out on faith, seeking His Face in humility, truly being led by the Spirit of God. I’ve fallen guilty to what you’ve mentioned above in your post, eventually reevaluating my life, those areas in which I hadn’t allowed the Lord to invade or occupy through the Holy Spirit. I thank you, kindly and humbly, for the service that you provide through the Lord God and this message shared today. God bless you and may the Lord continue to use you to operate in the Body of Jesus Christ, in such a mighty, divine and unique way. I extend to you and the Bride of Jesus Christ, peace, love and blessings.❤

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