Trump is God’s Elected for 2020! — 2 Comments


    As My Father Sent Me so Send I you
    And the things that I did you will Do too
    Eye has not seen and ear has not heard
    What is in store for you
    Even the devil can’t figure it out
    It’s making him ponder it’s making him pout
    A mystery that even the angels await
    To see what The Lord God Will Do
    All of creation travails and groans
    Whilst baalzebub paces and fidgets and moans
    For the Lord’s getting ready to manifest
    His sons soo faithful and true
    To the Feast of Tabernacles they’ll go
    With the Holy Spirit together they’ll flow
    There’ll be a whole lot of Jubilee
    And a whole lot of people set free
    They’ll be floods a clapping pouring out The Fire
    God’s Heart exploding His deepest desire
    A Harvest of Harvests the answer to prayer
    And the Blood of the Precious Yeah Lord Sayer

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