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    One hundred twenty trumpets blowing
    One hundred twenty people in the upper room
    Multiplied by fifty the Year of Jubilee
    And to the seventh day we do zoom
    Something is going to happen to the feet
    That hithertofore has only happened to the Head
    Hands afire from the Lord so sweet
    Preparing those who satan will dread
    Just as Daniel said Lord the Time is come
    What is Written must transpire
    Lord You must explode Your Heart
    And Pour out Holy Fire
    Your precious Son so obedient
    Came to save and not destroy
    Making Way for Your Spirit to be sent
    And Flood the earth with an unseen Ploy

  2. THE KEY

    The Heart of God has been all locked up
    But there’s a Key out there to unlock it
    It was found once by a shepherd boy
    But later God’s people went and lost it
    But recently it’s been found again
    And my what a difference it makes
    It’s the Key of David that brings soo near
    The One Who Alone can handle snakes
    When He shows up there is Victory
    There is Mercy for our many mistakes
    Changing us from Glory to Glory
    Causing the devil to do double takes
    For though we’re soo far from perfect
    And have blown it time and again
    The One Who draws near is Love Itself
    Come to change us without from within


    They were in debt distressed and discontented

    And around David they did band

    He gave them Bread from the Table of Shewbread

    Then with them began to take the Land

    And to establish a City with Foundations

    Whose Builder and Maker is God

    Twenty four hour praise and worship

    To free the captives and bring forth the Rod


    As My Father Sent Me so Send I you
    And the things that I did you will Do too
    Eye has not seen and ear has not heard
    What is in store for you
    Even the devil can’t figure it out
    It’s making him ponder it’s making him pout
    A mystery that even the angels await
    To see what The Lord God Will Do
    All of creation travails and groans
    Whilst baalzebub paces and fidgets and moans
    For the Lord’s getting ready to manifest
    His sons soo faithful and true
    To the Feast of Tabernacles they’ll go
    With the Holy Spirit together they’ll flow
    There’ll be a whole lot of Jubilee
    And a whole lot of people set free
    They’ll be floods a clapping pouring out The Fire
    God’s Heart exploding His deepest desire
    A Harvest of Harvests the answer to prayer
    And the Blood of the Precious Yeah Lord Sayer

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