Turn From Their Wicked Ways


Nobody wants to talk about this.  You can’t deal with this, unless you humble yourself first.

I went to a fellowship meeting one night, and in my sermonette, I thought I might say what I thought some of these wicked ways were.  I assure you, it was not received well.  Later, I got called in on the carpet for “letting the hammer down.”  I had just finally accepted my call to the ministry after running for many years.

It seemed that some of the elders, were offended that someone new to the ministry would speak in such a manner.  You know, I had heard people who talked about having the truth, most all of my life.  I just naturally assumed that they loved the truth.  The scriptures talk about those who know the truth, but they do not have a love for it.  See, when you claim to have the truth, you have to accept all of it; not just what you might pick and choose.

I was out; just that quick.  Frankly speaking, I don’t like to talk about this subject either.  I just cried out to the Lord today, oh no you don’t.  Even with tears, I said, don’t ask me to do that.

If people are going to claim this verse, then they are going to have to claim all of it.  You don’t get the last part, if you don’t do the first part.  I read over what was going on with God’s people when this verse was stated.  It was about turning to idols, and worshipping false gods.  After all God had done for them, they turned away from Him.

What have we made idols of?  We are going to have to answer this before we can expect God to bring about the things we hope for in this hour.  We can’t just skip over it; God’s not going to let us do that.  It’s being talked about here; some have dared speak out about what they see and what is going on in what is called the house of the Lord.

Is it the fine building, is it the praise singers, the instruments, the stage sets, our own programs or our lack of love for other people.  Is it not following, the leading of the Spirit.

Let me examine myself.  What have I put before God; what is it that means more to me, than Him.

You see, I’m dodging that word “wicked.”  Have people who say they have the Holy Ghost, done wicked things?  What are these wicked things, that we have to turn from?

One thing is certain, if we do not find out, and turn, the rest of this promise will not be fulfilled in our lives.  God is not mocked.

Are we cold, indifferent, driving people away with doctrines of men, or not truly restoring anyone.  What have we done that is wicked.  I’ll search myself, as you search yourself.  Holy Ghost, show us!


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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