The Great Dividing Line is Coming! — 6 Comments

  1. So dear sister, let us come before Our Father in Heaven to pray, which is now possible through the sacrifice and the power of our Dear Lord, King and Savior Jesus. Dear Heavenly Father, in this hour your people are in need of your wisdom, mercy and grace that your sweet son Jesus died to give us. Let Our Savior Jesus reign in our hearts, let our trust to overcome in these last days rest in Him and His mighty work on the cross, which through His blood has made us holy to you O Father, so we rejoice in your great love,as you gave up Our Lord Jesus for us all!
    We thank you right now for the victory over every trouble, every difficulty, every trial, for it is through these trials we know you are close! As it is written Your power is made perfect in weakness, so we thank you dear Lord for all things. We give you glory for comforting our souls when cast down by the world and the enemy, refreshing your people in the face of discouragement, helping us to rise above our critics and the pain of life to reflect your love and glory in the midst of a troubled and dark world! So Your name Lord Jesus will be exalted! Above every name!! Remove and burn down anything within us that is not of you O Lord, any bitter root or dark spot, and leave only you! Thank You O Lord for your presence and thank You for your love! Our eyes are upon you O Lord and we give thanks for you and one another. In all these things we give thanks to our Lord! In Jesus Christ name we pray Amen!

  2. Lord Jesus, thank you for Your Helper. We believe You and Father has sent Him to live in us to help us. In this times help us Holy Helper afresh from within us and let us stand and be courageous overcomers. Fearless. Full of peace. Focussed on truth. Give us perfect love. Let us live free the life Christ gave us no matter what times it is. Let us shine with Him and let all see Him manifest. Amen. Amen. Amen. Make us strong and help us to live from Your peace and joy and power and love and gifts and anointings…break all the yokes that keep us from living Christ! In Jesus Christ name, free. I declare all such yokes broken in Jesus Christ name. Amen. Amen. Amen. Abba Father thank You.

  3. Its not easy times due to all kinds of troubles and bad news and bad things happening …but He doesnt want us to be manipulated by these troubles. He continually reminds us …of Jesus ‘ words. Strengthen yourself and otherd with Jesus words from the word for these times. Cast out stress fear anxiety and fear of man. It is snare says the word. Every time we tear people (man) it creates a snare for ourselves…keep going on like this and you soon see yourself so snared up that you only see fear fear fear and dont know how to get out of it. Choose everytime to be what Jesus said you should be. Love. Courage. Peace. Kind. Power. Steadfast. One minded. Bold. Wise. Patient. True. The living word of God. In these times. Be Who He says you are by His Helper helping you…for Jesus the Anointed has made it possible for you.

    • Amen sweet sister. I give thanks for you for this encouragement and most of all our dear Lord who sent you to refresh my spirit. Lord I give thanks for you my Sweet and Gentle King. To you be the Glory Jesus!

  4. I find that the Spirit of God wants to remind us that we stay courageous and strong … do not fear. Overcome fear by loving …keep on loving…focus on Jesus (God is love) in these times. Perfect Love casts out fear. God doeznt want us to live in fear ir fear if man…He wants us to continue loving Him and others and our enemies too. Cast out fear. Fear not from God. Cast out all that is not of Him and is blocking you…snaring you to continue in His love and peace and will. To keep trusting Him no matter. Darkness will be there but you will shine brighter because you continue steadfast in peace love faith courage and power. You can…He has sent His Helper and Power Who is in you..have faith.

  5. Wow
    Just in the middle of the storm, perfect timing, thank you Most High God, I know vengeance is yours and you will repay in due time. Now just 18 more days of trials and testing. Give me strength father, in Jesus mighty name Amen.

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