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UK Brexit: Web of Deception Revelation! — 10 Comments

  1. Thank You Veronica that’s SO Very reassuring; Gods divine deliverance through His winds blowing away the deception and darkness over our nation and bringing Peace and Resurrection power once again along with the Fear of the Lord!!  What a relief, as I did notice the horrid spider brooch and wondered at it’s blacancy… Praise God for His prophets and His deliverance for our nations! Glory to His name.

  2. America also is due a monumental shake up. The Most High rules in the kingdoms of men and gives to whom HE chooses, setting over them the basest (least important) of men.  Daniel 4:17

  3. Having read all this yesterday. I bought the paper this morning, and began reading what has and is happening in Westminster and the never ending Brexit saga.
    Then l became aware that from today, things are going to begin to move in Brexit’s favour. The tide is finally turning. All the devices of the Remainers will start to fail. They have done EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER to subvert the will of God and His people. All their clever schemes and plans are coming to nothing. They are about to learn once and for all the terrible price of treachery and betrayal of those they were cut there to serve.

  4. The first thing that caught my eye was the pin and how big it was!! It was there to convey a message!! It’s funny how Pres Trump, Boris , and Netanyahu are experiencing opposition, lies and deceptive things coming against them!! The Deep State and Kabal are scared of loosing control!! But yes their of deceptions will soon be unraveled! We must pray for exposure, justice and God’s judgement!! Psalm 71, 73, 34,54,55,58 & 23

  5. Our enemies and God’s enemies think they’ve won. They are already celebrating, laughing at the prospect that Brexit has finally been stopped FOR GOOD.  Well my message for them is enjoy your “victory” while you can. Drink as champagne as you like. Become drunk on the fruits of your cleverness in overturning democracy.
    This is the LAST TIME you will grin on your smug stupid faces. YOU Will fall, NOT us.

  6. After reading ur message on the 24th I prayed the night for further revelation, especially on the US and I tell u how quickly the spirit answers us.
    I was at the airport today checking in for my flight to attend a conference in Arizona. After completing checking in at the kiosk, the spirit made me look up above me on the screen above me where I was.
    And there was this white spider the same type as in ur post sitting on the screen of the terminal I was using.
    This is definitely a confirmation to me with what is taking place in the America.
    Many strength and blessing my sister.

  7. Hi, I am wondering if the spiders and webs could also stand for fear. I am praying God’s perfect love drives this out. Thank you for declaring this! Standing with you!

  8. In 2018, no more than 2 weeks BEFORE your word concerning spider webs of deception over America and the U.K., I opened a blind one morning to discover a huge perfectly formed spider web covering the span of the entire window. In the very center sat spider lying in wait. I observed this web for three days, marveling at its seemingly sudden appearance, its complexity, and the spider’s patient tenacity. Then one morning I opened the blind and the entire web and spider had completely disappeared. When I read your word less than 2 weeks later, I praised God for His powerful revelation and confirmation!!! I regularly consider that confirmation God gave of your Word and pray that His mighty wind of the Spirit would expose and dismantle the systems of deception, witchcraft, and entrapment. God bless you!!

  9. Thank you sister!  I stand with you and speak to His winds to blow over the UK and America that the web of deception may be exposed and blown away!

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