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UK Brexit: The LORD Reigns Supreme Over the UK! — 15 Comments

  1. The problem with this country is people like those in the Supreme Court pictured above. It ALWAYS HAS BEEN!! They all are far too concerned with idiotic privileges, ritual, stupid wigs and garments that have been worn for centuries and which should’ve been consigned to the bonfire long ago.
    These people ARE the Establishment. They look after their own. Their judgement on Brexit was entirely predictable They are hard core, dyed in the wool Remainers to a man or woman.
    They think they’ve won. They think they have beaten the poor hard working down at heel ordinary people. They HAVEN’T GOD ALMIGHTY rules this nation, not this bunch of morons.

  2. All this furore, steps in both Parliament and the Courts no longer disturb the peace within, and the confidence that God has it all under control.  They cannot defeat the will and purposes of God, and those who pray, and have prayed over years now, have been brought to this through many words of Scripture, of dreams, of prophetic witness that in Heaven it is done.

    Praise God for brave prophets like Veronika prepared to say so with authority.

    • I hope and pray with all my little heart that the Father will rescue us VERY VERY SOON and set our dear nation on the course that He has ordained that she will go.

      Well done Veronika. We need MORE messages like this every day.

      God bless you.

  3. We must trust in our Lord and keep praying for his intervention in all of this.  His word is law, his will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, Amen.

  4. Thank you Veronica. You are such a blessing to the body of Christ.

    I also had the picture of a boat some months back with people throwing grapple hooks into the water to try and prevent it moving away from the shore. However the boat was completely cut free and was being carried by the wind and tide into God’s plans and purposes. All attempts to stop it were futile.

    Interstingly the boat was moving into thick black darkness (the unknown) and this was causing ++fear and desperation to keep it ashore. However i knew by divine revelation that there was light and hope and pupose on the other side of the darkness but people could not perceive this for the absolute fear.

    The Lord will have his way. We have a hope and a future. Our hope is in you Lord. Amen

    • God bless you Caroline for your words of comfort and assurance. Brexit hangs in the balance.  Many people here already think that the referendum result of 2016 is lost already, and has been lost for a very long time. We have never needed the Lord’s help more than now. Not since WW2. We MUST as a NATION trust Him. Only He can save us now.

  5. I listened to Chris Wickland, and what he said is coming to pass. The tumbling of our institutions, parliament then the judiciary. Trump calls it the Great Awakening. What evil has been hidden in the darkness for the last 40 years is now exposed to the light. Things will never be the same again. Though strangely, the rule of judges is in line with Israelite constitutional principles set out in the books of Judges, Kings and Samuel.

  6. Our Lord God is El Olam and El Shaddai He reigns and is in control may we see His victory triumph over His foes! We shall remain standing firm and looking up to Him for our redemption is near!
    Amen! Alleluiah!

  7. Veronika, my friend and myself been praying also about situation and she was given a rowing boat and the rope being cut free.  We’re leaving, and God is going to sort out the institutions, if they’re not in line with him, they’ll be ripped apart.

    • Thank you Josephine. We need more words like yours. Up to this present moment everything has been moving in the Remainers’ favour. Hopefully,all that is about to change. The legs of the traitors will be knocked from under them. When that happens it will be US cheering, clapping and celebrating, not THEM!!!!!!!

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