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UK: Prophetic Dream Now Looks to Be Coming to Pass — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord. Thank you Veronica. My heart has been heavy for what has been happening BUT God has shown me He is far from finished. Amen The Hand Of God Will Stand Will Stand…. All Gorly toTo His Name

  2. I am in favour of an uncompromising Brexit, but if the present globalist plans proceed – on the back of universal “vaccination” and “vaccine”/digital passports, any Brexit will be quite meaningless.

  3. We are praising the mighty works of God our Father in heaven. God has made us victorious over our enemies. 7 long years, with 7 court cases, we are NOT tired, we are stronger. God sent his word forth ( st. John chapter 10 v. 27) and made us the winners over a disfunctional courts system. Still in our home on our land where God placed us into his beautiful garden in sequatchie county, tennessee. All the power and might of local, city, county, and state governments, failed to remove us from our assigned, by GOD location!! GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST, PEACE ON EARTH GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN. JESUS CHRIST THE MESSIAH, JESUS IS OUR LORD.

  4. Amen and amen. Thank you Veronika.  With all my heart I believe the Lord would have us be free of EU influence, lock stock and barrel. Lord Jesus have your way in our land. Let our prodigal nation return to you and become a shining light to the Nations. Jesus would you restore our inheritance and all that the ‘locusts have eaten’. Lord, would you restore our relationship with individual European countries and nations of earth in a way that is pleasing, righteous and holy before you so that we will be a blessing and be blessed.  Amen

  5. Hmmm!. Wonderful counselor is our God ! HE is faithful to His Words. HE alone has the final say in every matter for HE knows the end from the beginning. Thank you Prophetess Veronica once more.

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