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You’ve Passed the Test — 6 Comments

  1. Im tired of life beating me down. Im cold. Im tired of my feet being cold and using sleeping bag and a down coat. I hate my teeth. I wish they were straight and not chipped and missing. I wish I could be in business using my trade. I wish my truck didnt break down leaving me with no way to pull my camper. I wish my teeth looked good so I could smile. I had no thanksgiving awesome dinner with family. My family left me stranded in a big city when I called for help. I feel abandoned and tired of life for what more bills? Or our messed up pokitiacl system or maybe the awesome money system slaving us? But we got these messages promising God to set us back on track and He loves us and died for our eternal life happieness elsewhere. I wish it was easier and not for me but people who got it worse. Single moms workinf teo jobs. No one realky defendes the broken
    Go visit the reservations of america and see the natives. All you with houses go stay in a homeless shelter. See how it goes. Go work a wendys or a job no one wants. Then tell us tithe and we will see the flood gates open.

  2. We will be still and receive the refreshing,new outcome of the Heavenly blessing of His word and the Ones word brought forth.

  3. We will be still, for the new,refreshing and forward word brought from our Father and His word before we go forth to new Heavenly blessings being poured out in doing Ones Will.

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