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Underground Pipeline Attacks and Peace Treaties — 4 Comments

  1. It seems like the bone and the treaty come before the pipeline attack.  Could this refer to Russia annexing Crimea (the bone) and the Minsk accords (the treaty)?  Those two things seemed to keep Russia quiet for a while.  But behind the scenes EU and NATO powers continued their covert war in eastern Ukraine.

    Escalations of the conflict in 2021 culminated in outright war in 2022.  Now we see the pipeline destruction as a major escalation.  Europe already faced a dire economic situation that is now made much worse. 

    Nobody knows who destroyed the pipeline. Whoever is responsible seems to be pushing the world to war.

  2. Thank You Lord for exposing the hidden motives and intents of the hearts of man! & Let God ARISE- All HIS Enemies Be Scattered!!! ☝

  3. Thank you for sharing Veronika.
    I’ll take to heart your kind rebuke and be more careful (and prayerful) to share thoughts.
    I appreciate the encouragement and guidance He gives through your dreams and visions.
    God bless. :)

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