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Russia, Poland & the Baltic Lands — The Bone and The Treaty (Updated) — 29 Comments

  1. I don’t think Putin will stop at Ukraine even if it is peace, at least for a while.  He WILL start again and somehow.  Other nations will be involved perhaps England this time. A visit to Poland is not an accident.

  2. Had a dream as a child that I was a great bear very hungry but I found three great rib bones that were satisfying and he went out of the clearing in the sun where he found them and back into the woods content for now and peaceful, without incident of taking life or injury to self.

  3. Yes! I see where the Bear will take a greater bite.  Looks like many nations will suffer now plus the Goat and Sheep nations will also be taken into play.  We seem destined to hear war drums beating too.  Not a good sign!

    • Not one second did I suspect Russia to have committed that crime. This is on the same scale as blocking food supplies to a surrendered Germany after WWI for a year. They still want to annihilate us.

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