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  1. Praise the Lord.Fit and in Shape is your new charge! Yes Fitting in is a blessing and gift from God that troll doll look needs a barber and shave clean with a sunny day walk. Kindness and Reading the Bible everyday and singing. But start with a prayer walk. A long one every day. Get that armchair body in motion. Aime for Philippians: I can do all things through Christ and set a goal for a thru hike. IF not then a marathon. Then you will walk every day till you can run. Then run till you can run miles. Then do a marathon. Find your way to Stephen Hansen Running Machine. If you want to up the weight load put a Bible in your backpack. A Big one. Phone book size. !!

    You can do it and feel your best as a Athlete for Christ. Be like a motivational prophet man. You would love it> Praying for you to shave head and beard and do push ups and then prayer walks with big dinners. Now go!Be a Champion version of you.

    • James I won’t be doing any running probably, but walking, yes. I have a bad bunion on my right foot. In terms of shaving; probably won’t also. LOL. Thank you for your reply!

  2. Brother!  I was meditating on Psalm 139, it is my favorite of David’s.  Rejection has been a huge obstacle in my life for going against the grain in the fear of the Lord.  Thank you for speaking plainly this edifying word of truth.

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