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Unto the Whole Measure of the Fullness of Christ — 2 Comments

  1. If I may elaborate, there were various prophecies about this election cycle. Let us reason: Trump will win – he won the electorate; Hilary will win – she won the popular vote according to most studies; Obama staying past his term – it’s not over yet so we don’t know. Or consider that each person’s dream or vision represented the political office and not the specific person so some of them are for the future. But it’s “easier” to throw stones than come together and reason and pray. May God have mercy on us and help us to “mature”.

  2. Confirmation! A sister and I were having this very discussion last night. Quit calling people “false prophet” when dates are off and look at what God showed you and others to “put the pieces together”. Oh dear Jesus, help us to get out of the way and over ourselves. Good word brother.

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