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I Set a Mighty Fire in Your Heart! — 1 Comment

  1. Waves upon waves of Light and Glory shall fill the earth, as you speak forth My Word with Power”…
    Sister, this I can confirm again today. GOD confirms through His signs and wonders, Mark 16:20. I was out early this morning and when I arrived back home, the door from my flat was open… I am more than sure, this was not my doing. Another strange thing happened this morning. They caused my son falling through the drivers licence approbation – and guess what – through a STONE on a parking lot ! So we have the assurance that GOD is in control and – THANK GOD – we will not be destroyed by this all. After all these events this morning, HE gave the beautiful sign of bright golden light that can be seen now on my google+ page. ALL GLORY BE TO GOD !

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