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Unusual Signs and Wonders for the Month of August! — 3 Comments

  1. Indeed Sister,
    a gemstone is often referred to as tablet. In Revelation, Christ Our Lord promised that if we overcome, He would give us a pure/white stone/tablet and He would write a name that no one knows.

    Proverbs of King Solomon mentions that the heart has tablet or the heart is a tablet. where the law and mysteries of Yah are to be written or kept.

    King David says in Psalm 51…create in me a clean heart.
    Yeshua the Christ says in Matthew 5…blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see Yah.

    In Exodus the commandment where written on the physical stone. But know Yah would write the instruction in our hearts.
    Your vision is profound and of significant spiritual events.


  2. Hallelujah!! Praise the name of the Lord forever! And thank you Lord – you are so good!!! Thank you Jo Ellen for that word – I receive it

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