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Watch and Pray for Taiwan — 7 Comments

  1. For the Lord, Taiwan is a red line for China. They should be careful not to cross it. In 2020 the Lord warned me about China, and how they will purport to go up to Taiwan. But the Lord will defend Taiwan, and then in that day, civil war shall break out in China, and Chinese shall fight Chinese, and the nation shall break up and not be one again.
    The blood shall flow in the streets as they seek out communists to kill, and their rivers shall flow blood. And the beast from the West, even Islam shall invade and seize territory too, but also the church shall grow and expand in China and in the provinces…

  2. Thank Veronika for sharing this word. I am from Taiwan. About four years ago, I saw in a vision the Terracotta army come to life and invaded my country. The Terracotta army was made by Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, a brutal and ruthless tyrant. And His regime was often compared to that of the ccp. The Lord let me know that China was going to invade Taiwan, and the intercessors of Taiwan (including me) needed to prayer against that. Thank you for all the brothers and sisters in the Lord who pray for my country. God Bless you all!

  3. Amen! I have in-laws in Taiwan.  God bless and keep those who are standing for democracy and freedom in Taiwan.  Bring a great mighty move of the Holy Spirit on this land and awaken their hearts to the true freedom found in you.

  4. I also wondered why the US Government would choose a time like this for Pelosi to tour some Asia countries including the volatile Taiwan despite China’s incessant warnings. Father, we don’t want shedding of innocent blood anymore through invasion/war. Lord, hastily confuse, frustrate, expose & stop the plans of the wicked ones in Jesus name. Dear Veronika, thanks for sharing.

  5. There are almost 24 million human beings in Taiwan and the CCP have no ethics nor morals concerning their existence.
    Dearest Father, we join our prayers of intercession with our brethren, to defeat an invading army that believes it is invincible. Amen in Jesus Mighty Name.

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