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USA: Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse — 6 Comments

  1. I think we need to keep all things water related in the US in prayer. Last week I was washing dishes and the thought popped into my head about my town’s drinking water and if the water facility was safe. The next day in the news there was an article about hacking attacks on the US water systems. The last time I had an alert like this was in 2020 when while in prayer out of nowhere came out of my mouth asking God to protect our electrical grid.  The next day in the news it was announced that somewhere in the US a building that housed the electrical grid codes had been hacked.  I’ve been praying since then over our countries electrical grid and all things pertaining to it as well as food and food processing plants , various bodies of water and drinking water facilities and the like. So I think the focus now is our water and our waterways here in the US should be more of a focus in prayer. Shields up.

  2. È crollato il ponte col nome dell’autore dell’inno americano. L’inno rappresenta la sua nazione. Si, è un ponte “Chiave”.

    Prepararsi. Cercare il volto del Signore.

    [ HKP : “The bridge with the name of the author of the American anthem collapsed. The anthem represents his nation. Yes, it is a “Key” bridge. Prepare. Seek the face of the Lord. Maranatha!” ]

  3. I was in prayer yesterday & was given the word “Redline” I looked it up & it is attached to trains & subway systems.  So I am praying on those places

  4. When I heard about the bridge collapse in Baltimore, I was reminded that Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos died on Saturday.  Angelos means angel and the bridge name Key, I believe these are connected.

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