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  1. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! I receive this Word and message from the Lord.

    Jesus is on the move and looking for many of us to stand for holiness, Truth, Righteousness in/through him, despite what everyone is doing or not doing, this is what it comes to, on the Lord’s Side or on the Enemy’s side, there is definitely a deep separation that is taking place, a great divide between good and evil, genuine and fraudulent, Truth and lies, those truly for Jesus and the pretenders who seek the Lord when convenient, the convenient worshipper, opposed to faithful, all season praise, worship and glorification unto the Lord Jesus.

    Thank you, for sharing, Pastor June Reinke! You are so deeply appreciated!
    There has to be a fine line drawn of seeking God 2nd in life.
    When we seek him first, he will show his people, which Shepherds to follow, who stands for true holiness, not found to be exposed as the prophets mentioned in the book of Revelation, mentioned in chapters 2 and 3, those Churches out of the seven, who he found guilty of false doctrine, that Jezebel spirit, the works of Babylon.

    God bless! I pray that the Lord continues to strengthen you in him, for his continual Glory, which is forever. I extend my prayers for you, your family, the Church and those who are lost, lukewarm, all of the prodigals. Much love, blessings!️❤️

  2. Thank you Lord for the already won victory Thank you Lord for equipping me to defeat & spoil the enemy. Father, I thank you for the restoration of all the enemies have taken from me in Jesus name. Pastor June, thank you!

  3. Good day June, thank you for this much needed encouragement today.
    I stand in agreement, and receive the upgrade and new positioning by Your Spirits Power within me Lord. I Declare this Test is a Testimony of the Power of Your Spirit to do in me what only You can do Father, through what You already Completed for me through Your Son, my Redeemer and Friend, Yeshua, Jesus Christ my Lord at the Cross…yes and Thank You Abba Father, Amen

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