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Serious Warning — Let He Who Has Ears to Hear — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Mr. Bennett, this resonates with what has been happening during my personal worship time. There is a refrain to a certain worship song which is as follows: “Open the heavens, let Your Glory come down…” It is during this refrain that I literally have been “pulling down” with my hands, just as you described. Thank you for sharing this confirmation.
    Sincerely, Gabriele

  2. This is a confirmation of a dream I had some years ago where I heard clearly “I will only let you see my back & not my face when I pass by just as I told Moses.  This implies the Glory of the Lord is all always around me but I don’t always recognize it as I think its meant for people with higher anointing & not for lay man like me. This warning is just for me! Thank you Holy spirit for tge insights.  Thank you for sharing Sir! More Grace

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