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Vision of Deliverance — 7 Comments

  1. I just read this word in Revelation 19 yesterday, and the Lord spoke in His authority that we should refocus on Him and who He is not what is going on in the world. He is ready to ride! Come Lord JESUS!

  2. Yes Lord Jesus come quickly. Those words are your words.Waking those who are slumbering.
    No time for that . Be the wise virgins.
    Competely abiding with you as you had me sing your beautiful hymn abide with me.
    God bless you abundantly. That this word will be multiplied over the earth.

  3. Come quickly! We are ready and so weary of the battle. Come Lord Jesus! As the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare the way of the Lord! Make straight His path! Let’s gooooo!!

  4. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, dear sister in Jesus Christ, dearly beloved sister Syreeta! I extend peace and blessings to you and your family, in God the Father in Jesus Christ, our Faithful Redeemer, Blessed Hope, King and Bridegroom! I receive the Word of God, from our Savior. As I’ve been seeking the Lord, genuinely in heart – laying all fleshly weights before him, praying for his divine will to be done. Then I came across your post, in which you shared and it lines up with what I’ve been reading in God’s Word – over the past few days, having to separate myself from the world, family and friends, being that the purifying of Jesus Christ, I take personal and don’t like to desire to be tainted with compromising situations or circumstances, that can be avoided.

    I thank God for using you, at such time as this. I’ve been hesitant to get on the forum as of the late, having to test the spirits by the Spirit – for we are living in critical times, amongst spirits of opposition, with the intent of misleading or misguiding us as believers in Jesus Christ, so that we will stumble or fall. God bless you! I extend love and peace, praying your continual strength in divine power of God’s Might and Spirit.❤️️

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