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Visions of the End Times — 2 Comments

  1. Mena, I am a Seer and when I read this God showed me some things about your dreams and visions.
    1: Europe, the blood is the Blood of Jesus. It is a Sh’mitah(double-edged) To those who are not perishing(believers) it is salvation I heard the Lord say, but to those who are perishing it is Judgment, a time of great travail for Europe!
    Vision 2: the season is late summer I heard the Lord say “a time of transition will take place”.
    I just feel the Lord saying “Don’t get comfortable with what you have always known because it will not be what WILL BE”
    It is a season of acceleration that is why the season changed so quickly.
    God is rapidly speeding things up to fulfill His promises. The broken power lines represent the modes of communication that we see as normal will be unusual in the way God is ready to communicate with us, it will be communication in ways we never perceived possible! God is doing this to prove NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HIM! 
    3. Your dream: I perceive this dream is 2 meanings One natural and one supernatural.
    The natural meaning: you have tuned into what the enemy of our faith is trying to get the evil men of this world to do, destroy America through whatever means possible.
    First take out communication and there can be no warnings of the imminent danger.
    Judgment has started in the west part of America because that was the direction you were facing.
    The action of turning on the radio meant you were looking for explanation, insight and it means you are tuning into God for that insight.
    Unable to reach your daughter by phone (man’s way of communication) will not be the communication God uses in this time of Judgment.
    The place of employment where everyone seemed oblivious is the place of the world, the harvest field where laborers are needed. This is why you were trying to explain to the group of people the coming judgment.
    So even in the middle of harvesting, the judgment will continue to take place, that’s why you heard the explosion while informing the group of people.
    Now you can understand the harvest will come in even in the middle of judgment, because they can understand and see in the new way of communication God will send because God will make the situation’s personal (these judgment situations will touch every facet of the harvest and they will rush to the laborers, of which you are a laborer to come into God’s kingdom).
    I just wanted to share with you what I felt the Holy Spirit saying as I read your posts.
    Definitely prophetic dreams and visions. God will o great and mighty things that we have never known in this accelerated season in which we are entering!
    May God richly bless you and give you eyes to see things you have not known. And may He give you the grace to interpret and make plain what you see!

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