Warn My People, Warn Them!

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Only in the Spirit!

Beloved, it is only in the Spirit will we be truly able to worship God, for He is Spirit and they who worship him must worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

We cannot walk in the Spirit while still fulfilling the lusts of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

Walking in disobedience and rebellion, stubborn and unwilling to conform to His will and way.  If we are to ascend into higher heights and dimensions of the Spirit, to know and operate in the glory, the Spirit and vessel must be clean.

Once I asked the Holy Spirit,  “Why can no man see the face of God and live?”  He said to me, “Cece, your flesh cannot contain My awesomeness, only your Spirit.  That is why I seek for those who will worship me not in flesh, but from their Spirit.”

He said to me, “Your flesh is carnal, weak, but the Spirit is uncontaminated.”

He said, “You see, you must understand that I AM SPIRIT, and the weight and fullness of My Power the flesh cannot contend with.  That is why you fall at My Presence, you will groan at My Presence.

Your eyes cannot be opened in My Presence, because of the light of My countenance.”

Saints, sin is a deterrent to us being in the Presence of a Holy God and sin deters us from being in and seeing the manifestation of His glory because the glory IS HIS MANIFESTED PRESENCE.

Saints, disrespecting the covenant in disobedience and abusing grace Yeshua gave puts a constriction on the manifestation of the glory in our lives.  Its time for the Glory revealed!

Warn My People, Warn Them!

I was impressed to repost this WORD! (July 13, 2016).

Last night while I was in prayer over our nations and I found myself start crying, wailing, and weeping in the Spirit.

Then I saw myself on a high mountain like I was shouting.  Then I heard, “Cry out and spare not!”

I looked again in the realm of the Spirit and I saw as it were the moon as it darkened and there were signs and wonders in the heavens.  I looked again and I saw as it were a body of water.

In that body of water as if it was the sea.  I saw something slowly coming from beneath it and so I watched this vision closely.  It made me so nervous; I felt it in my belly.

I then saw what appeared to be a head coming up.  I looked at the features and saw it was the of a crocodile, but this creature seemed to be either four of them or one with four heads.

Either way, I watched as it finally made land, full body crawling until I saw this crocodile stand and take the shape of a man. This morning I said, “Lord, what was the meaning of that which I saw last night?”

I heard in my Spirit “Beware the fleeting serpent,”  so I decide to search scriptures.  I found two so far which may speak to this… Isaiah 27 and Ezekiel 32.

I hear the Holy Spirit say to me, “Warn My people, warn them!  

For I come with a tempest and a strong wind, I come with a wrath and a vengeance and I will pour out on the Chaldeans, the children of Moloch, and I will pour out on the Assyrians.

For they have committed a heinous crime, they have committed a blasphemy, they have gathered against My anointed ones and so now I will gather My elect and the heathen shall taste and they shall drink from the cup of My fury, and they will know that I AM God.

They have planned war against My elect, against Judah, against Jacob.  

Warn them!  Tell My people to look up to My Holy Hill, My tabernacle.  Look up, for now is the acceptable time!

I will cover My people, but I will also send out a wrath such as never been told.  For the oppression, for the crying of the poor and the sighing of the needy.

For the young they have slain in the street, I will send out an army, my locusts, and they will eat and they will be feed.

Warn them!  Cry out and spare not!  Tell My prophets I will hide them and I will cover them.

Tell them seven years of the fat bulls, seven years of the locusts and plagues.  Warn them, I come with a sword…”   (Genesis 41, Isaiah 34, Isaiah 58.)

Hold Your Peace!

The other night I was at home and the Holy Spirit told me to go read Mark 15 and so without hesitation I went straight in.  The book spoke of the persecution our Lord Jesus Christ endured on His way to the cross.

Having read this passage, the Holy Spirit began to minister to me to and I say to someone as well, “HOLD YOUR PEACE!”

It is evident among believers that the enemy will use those even close to you, people you have encouraged, prayed for, ministered to, stood by, given up your very last to them to reject you, abandon you, hurl railing accusations against you, curse you, ostracize you and neglect.

But do not be perturbed, this is a sign that its time for your ELEVATION.  Whatever happens that threatens even you even emotionally, psychologically, or physiologically do not try to justify yourself.

This is what I believe the Lord was showing me.. Just HOLD YOUR PEACE!

They will betray you, use you and abuse you, handle you unfairly and even choose other people over you, like they chose Barabbas over Jesus, but HOLD YOUR PEACE!

They think that they are destroying you; they think you are done, they mock you, and criticize and ridicule you, but they are only helping you to fulfill your purpose and provoking your PROMOTION.


I’m here to announce by this anointing and grace that they will see you lifted up and God glorified.

They will see the TRUE MANIFESTATION of know who you really are in Christ, your destiny fulfilled right before their eyes and they will be ashamed.

Let them carry on, let them have their way: you just hold your peace.  They, who never believe in you, will see you.  Those who rejected you will search for you.

Hold your peace!  You loved them, and they gave you bitter water to drink, love them anyway and forgive them.

They pierced you with sharp words but HOLD YOUR PEACE!  The Bible says that Jesus cried out ELOI, ELOI, LAMA SABACHTHANI!  My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

But I say this to you who feel forsaken, that God is just waiting on the right time to show up.

He’s creating the Platform for you to be blessed.  Our times and seasons are in His hands and you will see Abba make all things beautiful in its time.  Watch the hand of God and HOLD YOUR PEACE!


~ Syreeta Thomas

Syreeta ThomasSyreeta Thomas



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Warn My People, Warn Them! — 3 Comments

  1. yahyahyes power! ive heard of it before! At times it can flow or burst in such an awesome way and when does its glorious wonderous breathtaking or better to say breath given.
    Power its great and when youre so weak,youre so desperate for it, theres just nothing like it.Heaven hears the hearts cry and brings a comfort a deliverance a breakthrough for good like no other.Power to the faint Isaiah said….Dont let us perish in all this evil.Hear our hearts cry we cant do this without you Dont let us perish theres nothing out here without you.