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Warning: A Great Storm is Coming! — 11 Comments

  1. Thank you for that God-given anointed revelation I just wanted to share with you Isaiah 13 and Isaiah 14 mayor bless you and may all the blessings and promises through the blood of Jesus Christ and God’s word come to you favor of God to you my sister God bless you tremendously in Jesus name you are gifted and used Mightily of the love Of God

  2. The promises of the Lord Jesus Christ bless you Heidi and his army of angels help you and bring you every good thing by the power of God’s love mercy and grace I heard your message I was truly truly blessed I knew I was hearing from God through your voice and then I heard the Lord give me Isaiah 13 and Isaiah 14 I read it from different versions and I just wanted to share it with you so that I can bless you and you can see and ask the Lord what he is saying in it to prosper you in every wayLove Jackie a warrior of God in Christ Jesus is power in the blood of Jesus amen! Amen

    • Thank you Jackie. This blesses me so! I will meditate on those passages and receive your blessing! Be blessed too my sister.

  3. Heidi –

    I believe uou’ve been faithful to the Lord to not water down the fullness of the Word (storm coming) in today’s post. I keep thinking of scripture from Jer.50 “is not MY WORD like a hammer”…and “Behold both the mercy & severity of God”. Your post is a Word to the watchman at the gates, to “rightly divide” His Word. Sobering, yet needful. You’ve been obedient to the Lord to deliver it. Shalom, Elizabeth

  4. OI! You have no idea how close to home this hits for me. For months i have been writing poetry regarding a Storm arriving. Calling for the watchmen to listen- to sound the alarm and warn His people…

    I wish there was someone I could speak to that knew – that would believe. IT would ease things for me..

    Then again… those who serve the Lord dont have the easy path – do they?

    With you in Prayers, Josiah T.

    • Amen! Thank you Lord for speaking. May your heart be filled with more of Him and the rain of revelation flood your soul. Blessings!

  5. “LORD!  I want to visitation.  I’m willing to leave it all behind, to step into your heart.  Show me. I leave all behind and I eat at The Tree of Life — in Jesus’ Name.

    • I pray that Jesus encounter you in a greater way, may His Spirit light up your soul. May your hunger for more be satisfied as He loves it! Blessings!

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