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  1. Dear Bev, What a powerful warning to take heed to!

    Absolutely to:”Wake up now, before it’s too late. Repent and get on the winning side.”

    So many see the warnings as from doomsday prophets, but we must be faithful to also deliver heavy Words also, as you do.

    Oh that people would understand our Hope and joy is in the Lord. He is surely beyind compare with His marvelous love mercy and grace!

    Still if we go the way of the ungodly world we will reap the wrath side of God.

    Love you sis. God bless you.

    • Joyce,
      God Bless you for your kindness & encouragement, my TRUTH SEEKER FRIEND! HA! HA! HA! God knows you well, for you are one who doesnt leave His side. Always loving Him, questioning & listening to learn more! He loves you dearly! BLESSINGS! Bev

  2. Dear Bev The Lord bless you much for posting this awesome Word.  In my walk with the Lord I have experienced that He has never lost a battle and He is never late!!! His time is perfect in all things that concern us.  I am praying for souls to repent and come to the saving knowledge of our awesome King Jesus before is too late.  Our owesome Father does not want one to persih.  Please pray for my family who need salvation.  Much love for a heart so filled with love and obedience to the Lord Jesus.

    • Maria,
      God loves your child-like faith! He loves the INTENSITY of your heart for Him & your forever loving questions! He understands you feel at times like your brain is going overtime, that you want to know so much! But He truly LOVES that about you & that you never let go of His robe!

      He says to you, “Beloved, fear not. I’ve got your family. They wont get away. I have seen your persistence & heart in praying for them. I’VE GOT THEM, so do not fear.”

      BLESSINGS! Bev

      • Psalms 11 could provide an answer for the phase we are currently in.
        Be it Canada, America, Australia, Europe or Germany (which is my homeland)

        • Martin, AMEN! You are on target regarding Ps 11.

          Ps 91 is a favorite of mine that covers much.

          Thank you so much for sharing! God says you are MIGHTY & strong in Him & have a LION’S HEART!!!

          Blessings! Bev

  3. Thank you so much for your encouraging prophecy. Exactly in the right moment where trouble of the evil seems to again the super hand.
    I hope and pray that many of them who are still serving the evil, might come to repentance.
    And that all of us who are still asleep might wake up.

    • Martin,
      Judgment is at hand and GOD is ready to pour out it out over the reprobate ones.

      Yes, also praying for mercy, grace, repentance, salvation & accepting Jesus as LORD for all those who dont know Him, as well as the prodigals coming home & the lukewarms who hopefully will awaken before it’s too late for them.

      Thank you for responding & your encouragement. 

      God Bless you! Bev

  4. Thank you Dear Beverly for your time to reply me. Also, thanks for your fervent prayers & concerns for me & the body of Christ at large. Yes, never you stand in God’s ways. He is God & must have His ways! Please Dear Daughter of Zion, Remain focused in your kingdom purpose assignment in this evil days. Always praying for you & all other God’s servants all over the world for more Grace.

    • Adams,
      Surely God’s GRACE & MERCY are ever pouring out of you with KINDNESS to God’s people. Thank you so much for your prayers as well. Yes, focus is something we all need, thank you for your reminder. God is so GOOD in extending Himself to us to meet our needs. Blessings, Bev

  5. There are many voices calling out right now all saying that they are speaking under the unction of God’s Spirit. You can find a channel of voices speaking of an imminent rapture you can find the complacent who believe through elections and time we will fix this mess others speak of the book of revelation and the end of all things all of these voices and many others coming at us who should we listen to. One of the outstanding characteristics of a Christian is the know the voice of the Good Shepherd the voice of another they will not follow when God moves and brings this new era into the earth when God’s day arrives and the truth is in your face make sure the mixing pot described in this word is not YOU

    • Jay,
      I DON’T BELIEVE the LORD is speaking of the rapture in this Word.

      I do believe He is speaking of His vengeance against evil & that He will protect His people.

      I do believe He is warning His people time is short & we all need to make sure we are worshipping Him & not another.

      I believe the LORD is calling to His people to draw near to Him.

      I also believe God is sending His GLORY very soon, which will bring death for some who are evil & new life for others, through cleansing, purging, healing, renewal & holiness.

      I believe with God’s Glory will come the FEAR OF GOD.

      I believe there is a whole lot God is going to do before His rapture.

      I dont believe God said “rapture” in the Word, so I’m not sure where that came from.

      God’s going to do what He wants to do, regardless of what we think.

      I hope this helps you in your perception. God Bless you! Bev

    • #2 Jay,

      I’m not certain if you are aware that when there is revival there is always judgment as well.

      It is the judgment of God that convicts many to repent, which then brings in revival. Many have prophesied a 1 billion soul harvest which is fast approaching & already started in some areas.

      I believe judgment has already started as well and the floodwaters of revival are about to come crashing onto us in quite a few areas.

      Some of the areas physically flooding (which may be judgment) may be areas that will be spiritually flooding with revival in the days ahead. Only God knows in each case. But I do know that physical flooding can be a sign of spiritual flooding that God will send. 

      Some areas of Canada, I know, are in for some awesome times of revival. The LORD has shown me that.

      BLESSINGS, Bev

  6. Our God is man of war! He is mighty in Battle! He is Unstoppable God whose right hand is victorious! Help us Lord to heed your warning, rely/Wait on you & not on our human choices; worship you alone; love our neighbours as ourselves & turn from all our evil ways. God Bless you with more Divine strength & Wisdom, Dear Beverly.

    • Adam’s,
      Thank you so much for your kind words & encouragement.

      God is definitely a “MAN OF WAR” I’m so glad He’s on our side, because I wouldnt want to be opposed to Him.

      God Bless you & yours!  Bev

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