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The LORD’s Blessings Will Pursue and Overtake You! — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you Father for your amazing love for us.Thank you for the fullness of Life and the adventure with you that it is.Thank you for the confidence we can have in you and because of you. You are amazing and I love you.

    • First of all you are not a godchild of God.  You are His child when you accept Jesus as your Lord & Savior.  With all the benefits of a son.
      Second, you are still here on earth because you were chosen to be here at the greatest time in history to witness what God has planned for this generation.  Relax, trust & obey our Father.  HE is in control!

  2. Veronica today 4th of July 2022 sitting in here in my bed thinking about my life all my life has been the same nothing has changed I don’t feel like a new creature I know I’m the goddaughter of the most high King but I don’t really feel like it because my life hasn’t changed my dealings with my relationships with my siblings haven’t changed I don’t feel like I have the love of Jesus I’m very down today I’m 71 it is like Lord is there anything to help me I really read all the prophecies for the last 10 years or so all the good words I hang on to them believe them know they’re for me but nothing changes none of the prophecies over me have to come true help Lord Jesus help

    • Hi Melanie, ask for those things you desire and then keep speaking and believing them into existence. You shall reap if you don’t quit. Don’t ever give up.
      God bless you

  3. What a wonderful and timely word!!!
    This blessed me greatly just now
    The power grace and might of Jesus be with you dear Veronica

    • Agreed, this encouragement blessed me so much, and perfectly confirmed the song He’s singing over me today!! :D
      Thank you Veronika, God bless you beautiful lady!!

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