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  1. This is a warning, and the reason the Lord gives warnings, is so that we can repent, be sure we are right with Him, seek Him, be prepared for battle, and be obedient to whatever He tells us to do.

    Moaning, groaning, and complaining about it just buries you into a deeper hole, or as the Israelites learned leaves you in the desert wandering for 40 years, or until the Lord decides we have learned the lesson, He intends for us to learn through our disobedience, rebellion, or sin.

    Wake up, and seek the Lord as to what you should do about what God has exposed.  Then be OBEDIENT TO WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU TO DO. You will then either lessen the effect or cancel the plans of the enemy.  David defeated Goliath, because of following God’s plan. When we are obedient, and seek God, He will answer. Then it comes back to us to OBEDIENTLY FOLLOW GOD’S PLANS. As long as the Israelites were obedient to God and didn’t open doors to the demonic realms to come in, they were victorious.

    We need to keep our eyes on God and walk the walk He’s called us to, and not feel sorry for ourselves, become complacent, or go off the narrow path, so that we open doors that are supposed to be closed.

    I pray you would heed the warning and seek God as to what God wants you to do about it. There is HOPE on the horizon. God is setting things in place, but it is not a smooth road, but when we are OBEDIENT TO GOD, the road becomes much smoother and much easier to follow.

    Relationship with the Lord is the bottom line. He will use whatever He needs to use, to get us to the point of total surrender to Him. My hope is that all stay on His path and as a nation and world we will be stronger in overcoming all that is coming against us, because WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

    God Bless You, and may He draw all of us closer to Him.  Bev

  2. Hallelujah!  I know this is from the Holy Spirit! The LORD has spoken to me on February 16th about a great attack on the young children, teens, and young adults! The LORD has instructed me to warn the Body of Christ and to join together in a 7-Day fast as the Jesus spoke some spirits can only be removed by fasting and prayer! I was obedient to the LORD and we are trusting HIS word as we seek HIS face!

  3. Bad terrible news, but it is foretold that we are in times in the last days, so bad like never was before on earth. Parents and teachers will be forced to agree to more vaccines. It was in the alternative news that plans are ready. Those who refuse, will not be allowed to have kindergarden or school access. It is proven, that flu vaccinated people died first in WW I. Those who survived who had NO flu vaccines in their blood system. People now dare to stand up more and more refusing this, but the pharma industry and finance industry pushes torture laws forward. 1 vaccination costs 50 dollars… and the ugly side affects: it causes unfertility. All young girls worldwide are forced to take the “anti”-papilloma virus – and so they get the poison in their body. All the mercury and aluminium inside causes gender problems, brain damage and more worse.
    Yesterday was published that here in this country the old people died in masses from flu…in January and February, the crematories are full, they work in extra shifts to burn the dead bodies. Does this world have no flu medicine ? I read, that doctors give young people more and more fake pills in these days ! They don`t take their pain serious. All people are a risk to the hidden world rulers. They rule without the LORD.. It is such a murderous program of getting rid of people.
    People had all tools to make this planet a good place for all. It has enough space and food and water. But people built weapons over weapons. The good news: One day the swords will turn into ploughshares. COME, LORD JESUS, COME !

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