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Prophetic Warning: Pray for the Children! — 2 Comments

  1. This is confirmation of the Word from 2/17/17 “Warning for the Little Ones

    When God gives a warning and confirmation of it in a short time, then the enemy definitely has something up his sleeve and people are ignoring the warnings and not praying for their children, who are the ones the enemy means to take one way or another. It’s time for the Body of Christs to wake up and pray without ceasing, for much is at stake.

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for your teaching
    I am surprised every day how little I am able to accomplish the work that I promised to accomplish, like I used to. But. Through all this, the Lord has opened the doors to the other disabled, because we are all given access from the Lord to fish for people where He sends us. I wondered why I was expected to understand the things coming to my attention, so I sat down and was still as I was told, because the Lord knows me, He did it that way. He is telling all to save us all.
    Back then, when I saw the numbers 444 on the CD from Wholetone, being self-centered, I was pretty sure that it was about my promised healing. Yes, I have the promise :-) Hallelujah, and my pain lifted off but I had backslide maybe because I stopped the medication too soon. I am confident, and we are all coming closer to God, praying for the sick and some get healed, and praising and dancing to the Lord together. We rejoiced a lot in the presence of the Lord on yesterday’s service. Just want you to know that your prayers is not in vain.
    I was led to investigate “The key of David”. It is about our holy and true Lord Jesus Who has the key of David, Who opens and no one will shut, Who shuts and no one opens. When He revealed that the years from 2017 to 2025 will be like Zech. 4:6, “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of hosts”, He sent all Christians to pray for the conference rooms of men of might and power, to clear the rooms of evil spirits and send His angels instead. God bless you. Lucia Ludvigsen

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