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Warning: The Cloud of Deception Rolls in! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord, for this truth. May your light shine brighter and brighter each day into our lives, as you are watching over us. I Pray Psalm 91 over your peoples lives, that no evil will touch us. Amen

  2. One of the Greatest Prophets of our time that the Spirit of God has taken into heaven, Tim Clement, prophesied not to listen to the local news media. Deception has been in the Church for years and the religious Christians are listening to the rubbish being preached. I heard Christians time and time again, wasn’t that a good sermon? I left the church shaking my head with amazement that their is no discernment or knowledge of the truth and right now the Spirit is not leading me to visit any church and Praise God I am not going unless He leads me. Churches are a sham. Religious people love to be deceived, they let it happen; but the remnant in Christ for the most have been given knowledge through the Holy Spirit and we will be raptured. Religious people will be lost and left behind.

  3. Thank you and may God keep blessing you for every it really wake me up. And pleas pray for me to have a powerful praying sprit and ask God to deliver me and my family from devil demon and witches craft people
    God bless

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