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The Vultures That Are Scavenging on Carcasses of the Dead — 5 Comments

  1. There are many vultures in the Body of Christ and they prey upon the chosen elect and the sheep are asleep. These vultures are viper snakes with no intension or concern of your well being or your walk with God and if they found you in a sin, there is no time to pray for that person for their deliverance and for God to bless them. Why should they? It’s more fun to watch a person die in their state then to see victory in another’s life, while they themselves prosper and live in their freedom. A total shame and disgrace in the sight of God. Jealousy and being selfish are rampant.

  2. Wow how God uses nature! Have you read the book by Enliven Publishing called “Prophesying In The Dark: What The Owl Taught Me”.  I believe we need discernment in this hour because much is lurking in the dark to deceive God People. Please keep me in your prayers

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