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  1. Joyce, So good to hear from you. Hadnt seen anything posted, but heard your very busy with your beloveds! Enjoy them while you can!

    Holy Spirit just loves to come in & make himself known! He definitely makes me laugh! HA! HA! HA!

    Thanks so much for responding! GOD BLESS YOU! Bev

  2. Bev I choose Him!!!

    I love the loud HA’s the Holy Ghost brings out of me too at times! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! HOLY IS HE< OUR LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!

  3. Wow, wow!! Awesome word. The part about him being old but not like an old man HA!  Indeed! What he said after that sounds like the mocking that the atheists & Satanists do.

    • Pris, Yes, He just came in & took over!  I think He enjoyed telling it from His perspective. He DEFINITELY made me laugh!

      Thanks for responding! God Bless you! Bev

  4. Richard, THANK YOU & THANK GOD.

    In the word I note to go back to a previous Word & explanation to a question, because I answered your question there about the 28 years.  Right above the paragraph about MOVING & SHAKING.

    Actually it all goes back to 2008. 

    Thanks so much for your response! GOD BLESS YOU ! Bev

  5. Please prayerfully discern the prophets on Elijah list. The Lord showed me that many “popular” prophets, teachers, etc have sold out. They preach and teach mostly truth but mix with a little lies to deceive. Years ago, several met in support with the Pope who has been quoted saying blasphemous things (and whom many believe will be the false prophet of Revelation). These prophets/teachers have sold out to the god of this world for money. Groups such as Illuminati use specific symbolism with their hands as well as in logos to show who they belong to. The Lord’s shown me that these popular prophets and teachers use the same symbolism. I used to follow all of them (prophets/teachers of NAR) until the Lord woke me up through the symbolism they use. I Googled each prophet followed by the word false, and was often able to find the “bit of untruth” they have taught, though they use a lot of Bible verses and lingo that is spot on. 2 Corin 11:13-15. These people will be coming together with political leaders/global elite, the pope, etc and will “prophesy” events that are planned by the elite which will make it look like they have prophesied correctly. I believe eventually they will also endorse the false miracles of the false prophet in Rev (please note the NAR’s focus on miracles, signs, and wonders, though they are not the miracles of the Bible…they are angel feathers, gold dust, etc)Please take this to the Lord in prayer.

    • Lynette,

      In the Word above I note:

      (SEE Word & explanation in response to question: https://www.hiskingdomprophecy.com/i-will-have-my-time-and-season/ )

      I believe it answers your concern about my confirmation & prophets rightly hearing from God. Its right above the paragraph about MOVING & SHAKING.

      Also check out DISCERNMENT, JUSGING, & GRACE which Angus should be posting in the next day or so. I believe that should also help you.

      Thank you for responding. God Bless you! Bev

      • Truly, we know deception will be great in the days to come and we have a deep need for discernment and the Holy Ghost’s leading. 
        The “New Breed” of apostles/prophets that were being pushed years ago are of a high level of deception, and I have prayed they repent and get saved.
        The Lord showed me they are actually not believers but satan’s messengers from the scripture I quoted in my previous comment. It is these I believe who have been MK Ultra’d to appear to be believers and will actually take the mark for all to see, as they are serpent seed posing as messengers of righteousness. Not all who have contracted with the enemy are of this calibur, and I know the gravity of leaving secret societies (the consequences can cost one’s life). However, I still pray those who are saved and have made this mistake will choose God over mammon, as Scripture says we cannot serve both. None of us are perfect. Praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy unto us!!  Blessings!!

  6. ACE word thank you Lord and Beverly. Especially like refc to ‘acceleration’ as have been noting that for several years. Why loss of 28yrs? It implies changes around 1994, re Oslo peace accords? This would tie into what the Lord showed me in mid-80’s (before I was born-again) about Iran attacking Israel.

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