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The Bear, the Dragon and the Beast From the East — 6 Comments

  1. PART 2

    They want this distraction for the news that is about to come to the surface will blow all their plans to smithereens, yes turn them into dust like they never existed. It’s like a magic trick to them, focus over there and don’t look this way. It’s no coincidence this is taking place at the same time freedom convoys are everywhere breaking out even in your own land United States. Things are breaking loose, breaking out, and then there will be massive breakthroughs hitting your land, a major changing of the guard. A government, a nation will break loose of all the chains holding your freedoms. Yes those chains are coming off now. My Children shout in this hour like never before against their plans. They want to lock you down, shut you up. Speak My Words and stand for freedom because they are yours.


  2. PART 1

    Hear the word of the Lord given

    Vladimir Putin be careful where you step. Do not cross Me saith The Lord. You are only allowed to go so far and not any further. My Children things are going on between Russia and Ukraine you will not understand because the news media is lying through their teeth what is really going on.

    Ukraine, My Children who are there do not fear. I will protect you from what is going on. I will lead you shield you from any attack. This is not directed at you. This is directed at people who have infiltrated your land and are being disposed of and will not cause any more damage. You are asking Lord, I don’t understand, I The Lord am telling you Ukraine, It will be okay with you. No matter what it seems like, I have the final say in this matter.

    Oh United States you are being lied to by this fraudulent government, they paid for this and they set Russia up so they would be forced to move their hand. Yes your nation, Obama is at the wheel and he’s thirsty for war.

  3. We must ALL look to Almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ and start TRUST Him as we never have in the history of mankind. ONLY HE can save us from Russia, China and the German led EU as they prepare to bring havoc and destruction to the nations of the world. We GOD’S warriors must gird our loins and fight the good fight in any way we can and trust HIM to deliver is in justice and mercy. Amen.

  4. I agree with Rex that the ‘beast from the [middle] east’ refers to Iran. Iran has its eyes on the ‘land of milk and honey’ and this expression refers to Israel (Exodus 3:8).

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