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  1. I AGREE with the WORD of GOD & ALSO agree there are DREAM DREAMS prophetic ally regarding food shortages ONLY GOD KNOWS. as WE remember in the days from Joseph with HIS interpretation about the 7 year famine and 7 year good soil
    I believe we are in the middle of good soil and 7 year famine will b at the TIME for the AntiChrist (the beast) to reign in HIS NEW WORLD ORDER government.
    The LORD saith…SOME are NOT called to prophecy nor to teach or minister. This is where the ENEMY is cutting-edge vulnerable. We are ALL his SERVANTS had specific gifts, and talents where HE choose to operate HIS services. Discernment is VITAL 4 the BELIEVER.

  2. How can these seals be opened,when the 1st seal has not even been opened?We are in the time of the restoration of all things,that Acts talks about.Have we seen the transfer of wealth yet,or other things prophesied? The Glory of the Lord is about to be revealed to the Church and His goodness to the Saints. We will leave this earth as a Body without spot or wrinkle, and we are not there yet.

  3. Because of the spread misunderstandings of Scriptures I’ll do some explanation. The end of all times beginns in Gen.1:2, in the very first verse GEn.1:1 He created the heavens (shamayim- those who hear and obey God) and the earth. Immediately in next verse the origin words describe the fallen world, it is filled with sorrow and death. THEN beginns the countdown day 1-7

    “Remember the former things, I declare the end FROM the beginning. Isa.46:910
    There is only ONE beginning and one end that is in Gen.1:1-2 That is why we shall pray ” Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as in heaven” (as it was in the beginning).

    The Book of Revelation shows ALL times from the very beginning to the end and right now we are in the “fourth quarter” of the clock (before it will be 00:00 and no more time) in the “kingdom of death” represented by the pale horse.

    The peace (with God) was taken away from earth when Kain killed his brother, that was the red horse. Time is far more advanced than we are aware of which is not visible to the natural eye..

    • I’ll add an explanation why the “heavens” (shamayim) in Gen.1:1 are those who hear and obey God.

      Rev. 17:15 says that “waters” represent people, which means that evertime you see floods, rivers, streams etc in Scripture it is parable of people.

      “The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues”

      This parable of people is in agreement with the hebrew word “mayim” (waters) which is by euphemism, urine, semen + piss, wasting, water according to Strong’s
      nr 4325

      In the beginning, Gen.1:1 He did not create only “mayim” (wasted disobedient people) but hearing and obedient because the word Shamayim (heaven) contains the two words mayim and Shama (hear and obey).

      “Gen.1:1 In the beginning He created those who hear and obey God (Shamayim) and the earth (the body where their seed shall grow in themselves)Gen.1:1

      “Gen 1:2 And the earth was (became) without form (a ruin), and void and darkness (evil and sorrow) was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters (mayim, the wasted people/semen)

      As you see, immediately in Gen.1:2 the word “Shama” is gone, no one hear and obey, only the the word mayim is there, the wasted seed is there. This is before day one. That is when the end and the restoration of all things beginns, with a breaking down of what had become a ruin and building up and restore what shall become (the image of the Lord, hearing and obeying the Father as it was in the beginning).

      “God requireth that which is past. Eccl.3:15

  4. I agree beloved brother. I’ve tailgated, researching, taking mental notes on all information given over the years by many on the media platform and I have to sincerely pray for everyone, because we are living in the end times, leading up towards the Rapture of Jesus Christ, the devil is busy, no respect for any person, he will try to deceive even the elect of God. Stay prayed up in the Holy Spirit, fasting, reading, studying, meditating and applying the Word of God. Peace and Blessings! Maranatha, Shalom!️

  5. The 1st Seal has not even been open yet, if had the peace from the earth would have been taken away to a great and high magnitude, there would be much more violence and chaos. The Rapture will take place, then the opening of the Great Tribulation, then the Prophecies given by John the revelator, by the angel,in which Jesus Christ himself instructed within that order.

    It is sad for those who are babes in Christ, who are not reading or studying the Word of God, will easily be misled, misinformed about information, being led on a different path, other than what the Word of God teaches in all books of the bible. I pray for the Church and Bride of Jesus Christ, to sincerely read and study the Word of God, praying, fasting, in praise and worship, asking for God to speak directly to their heart. Love you all, God bless!️

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