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The LORD: The Stability Of Your Times! — 9 Comments

  1. O my God… I am lost for words…thank you ever so much for everything, for this mighty powerful words of love and your great kindness towards us by reminding us of the great deeds you have done for us especially me your daughter. I love you my King… Dr June, it is absolutely true what God always reveal to you and what you’ve posted here is just amazing because I completely identify with it…you are truly an anointed woman of God and I salute you for the timely words of life you always have for us. We love you our sister. Have a shalom day…

  2. Sister June,
    The Lord always has such an uplifting, encouraging word through you. I appreciate you and your ministry.

  3. Thank you for your reply/comment, Norman. Our current situations sound very similar,Holy Spirit is giving me such peace and comfort in the midst.

  4. How one can have faith in this when there are 6 billion people on the earth is staggering. So when God pays attention to you and does this, it does more than make you feel special, it gives you confidence for the future.

    As david said ““The Lord that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine” (I Samuel 17:37)

    TRANSLATION: Past victories lay foundation for future ones.

    • Amen! Glory be to God our heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ! Thank you, so much for sharing. Much appreciated!️

  5. Praise God, giving him all of the Praise and Glory! God bless you, Minister Reinke! I thank the Lord for using you, to yet give another awesome and amazingly powerful Word of encouragement, inspiration. I sincerely and truly believe that God is building character, faith and strength in this season within me. I yet give him the highest Praise, hallelujah! Family, friends have changed in this season as God catapults me forward in Jesus Christ, for his Glory.

    I’ve learned to be alone and to be content with the Lord, when everyone I thought would be there abandoned ship for reasons which are valid, but I Praise God regardless, because he is Worthy! People show their true identity when things are not benefiting them from a person’s life, where they cannot gain anything, the true heart as to whether it is genuine or filled with envy, jealousy will always be exposed, revealed by the Lord.

    God bless you, Minister Reinke! I thank God for you and all that you’ve shared, the message conveyed, which my heart embraces. May God use you beyond your imagination, in ways that will edify his Kingdom, bringing the multitudes to Jesus Christ. Have a blessed, prosperous and amazing day in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!️

    • Thank you for your reply/comment, Norman. Our current situations sound very similar,Holy Spirit is giving me such peace and comfort in the midst.

      • You’re quite welcome, CeeCee. When the Holy Spirit prompts me, I have to share what he lays within my heart, which at times may be painful, but I have to share despite of how I feel, putting my personal emotions aside, presenting them to Jesus. I am glad that God used my testimony to encourage you and I will be praying that you continue to get victory in Jesus Christ, through all of your situations, good or bad, I believe Jesus will see you through.

        Please stay strong and remain humble, for the Lord will be at your side, that bright divine Light, even in the season and dark hour, world in which we are currently living in.
        God bless you! Maranatha, Shalom!️✨

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