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  1. The present situation of apparent delay may be also – and mainly – because the Lord wants to grow the gift of faith in His children.  It is not an undemanding kind of faith but a faith that is accompanied by patience or an enduring faith. 
    Hebrews 6: 12,
    “.. that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.”
    Thus, it is very important that we guard our souls by not listening to negative reports. This means cutting ourselves off also from sources of information coming from those who may want some of the same outcome as ourselves but who do not know the Lord.  I have noticed that there are some on the internet who are clearly in the New Age, who also want the global cabal to be defeated, but whose information is based on a mixture of rumours and divination, whose hope cannot be the basis of our own hope and who cannot fight the same battle of faith to which we are called.  And, it also means not listening even to believers whom we may have trusted prophetically by their giving true words but who are now going back on these same words. It is also a time to become more dependent on the Lord Himself and to choose any prophetic counsellors very wisely.

  2. Amen So Be it!  God has this and Trump will serve the next four years. There is NO parenthesis in God’s Word.  Stop compromising God’s Word. He said what He said!

  3. Hi Veronika,

    I have just read your statement. I believe that what you have prophecied concerning President Trump is true, but have you considered that there might be a parenthesis in this word, as there was in Daniels word? It may be that President Trump will come back for another 4 years at another time and not run 2 terms consecutively?
    Be encouraged, you are doing a great job.

    • Trump has said, as has several prophets, that the 8 years will be 8 Straight Years…In fact, imho, if he waited 4 more years, there would be nothing left of the United States of America As We Know It! It would be land mass owned by China. Again…That Is My Humble Opion!

      • agreed. God will not deliver us into the hands of the enemy. Not now not ever. Our God will deliver us from bondage like he delivered “us” his people so many time in the bible.  It is he the Lord God almighty who wants the enemy to see with their own eyes that it is being done by the LIVING GOD not mere mortal. God has always taught us to be as sly and as cunning as the Snake. To outwit the enemy at his own game. Never to resort to the tactics of the enemy but to outsmart the enemy at his own game. For he will not expect it. GOD is the master chess player here and we are about to witness the CHECKMATE to end the game.

  4. Have we all forgotten Gideon?  God does not share his glory! He has said through many prophets that this will be done in a way that will leave no doubt who did it. I knew that Pence would not challenge the Cabal If he did, everyone would give him credit. That is not what God has said will happen. He has said that everyone will see that only He is responsible. The Democrats are now panicked. They are desperately trying to remove Trump from office immediately. Why bother? He only has a few days left…right?  They know what he can yet do, even if the unfaithful don’t. God is not done, yet!  God does not lose! He is still shaking loose the un faithful. Don’t be one of them.

  5. I was given the same story about David 6 days ago… There is someone god spoke to me about n a hair salon… he showed to me their heart.. He also show to me the witch that own the buss. n the office manager a christian but not warriors.. God said to get that person free u must gpo to battle for her life.. because the devil has her captive … Meaning to me she cant assoicate with those of her choice… Her co workers have her tucked away.. So god told me to set her free by the means of jericho walk around the buss… Also a gideon act. n a staking like a survyor stake with scripture on it..  that will bring changing of heart… where there is witchcraft coveants on the land..  so what im saying is 3 act of war found n the word to dislodge a witch n her elemtal spirits…. They r so afraid of me.. they hide n their building.. they dont talk to me as they once did.. they avoid me at all cost..
    so god gave me the recovery of promised wives… N the meantime.. The witches sent to me a curse of Eddy.  horror on elm st.. against me.. also sent the shadow man.. god showed to me all the revelation throw dreams n visions… That a coven n Waco Tx.  there is a grove…  I have other praying for my saftey.. i have no fear… god told me n the word that this person does not want god.. n she should be destroy

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