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Watch for Dramatic Breakthrough in the Next 2 Months — 4 Comments

  1. I lift up my eyes and I look unto the hiĺls where does my help come from? my help comes from the Lord who made the heaven and the earth we love You Lord 2018 will be one of my greatest years i can feel it amen!!!!

  2. Amen!!! The Lord spoke to me in 2006 and said, “I will do in 5 months, what would take most people 10-15 years to accomplish.”
    I receive activation of this word as Kairos!!! Hallelujah.

  3. Confirmation…! Much happened during these 22 months. Today I was part of a journey with over 30 old people. After this, a lady of great influence who was in chief position 17 years long for countrywide senior care, told me: “You will work for our house until eternity”. Then she added: Only you go if GOD wants you to leave”. I was so surprised and replied: “Thank you. You know, I did not manipulate anyone”. She even embraced me at the farewell ceremony. One guest was a former police officer. I did not know this. He shook my hand and said: “And we also want you to stay here”. OH MY GOD, I thought on my way home. What a great reward after so many accusations, suffering and oppressions. ALL GLORY BE TO GOD !

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