To My Holy Remnant!

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To My Holy Remnant!

A Word of the LORD to My Holy Remnant!

I have seen your tears your trials, your sufferings and your persecutions, your patience and your diligence of seeking first My Kingdom and My Face.

Through it all I have been building a great and eternal weight of glory in your inward man.

You are My chosen ones to be dispensers carriers of My Glory.  I AM coming not in the future, but in this very moment and season to be glorified and admired in you, that the world may see My living word fleshed out in a people My precious sons and daughters.

I the LORD your God have raised you up in this very hour for such a time as this, that the Nations may see My heart, My glory, My character and My nature lived out in flesh and blood and to learn of Me and My ways, says the LORD.

This is your hour of promotion.  I AM increasing the weight of glory in you and through you.

This is the hour for the greater glory and the greater works.  The heavens are open over your heads and the angels of the living God are ascending and descending upon your lives your homes, your cities, your churches, your region, and your nations.

You are My walking Revival, Refreshing. Awakening and Reformation.

Your are My Holy vessels of Restoration, the repairers of the breach and the paths to dwell in.

Call My people back to Me first in the church, then in the Nation and the Nations call them to repentance to righteousness to Holiness.

Lead them by example to the Zion of God and to the highway of holiness.

I AM like a proud Father looking with much love and pleasure over my children.  You are My sons and daughters in whom I am well pleased.

I love you My precious Sons and daughters.  I AM now sending you forth with a greater commission and authority go forth and preach the gospel of My Kingdom and carry My fire and glory unto the ends of the earth.

I love you, Father.

Absent spiritual Fathers and Leaders

Saints and Leaders, how can a leader be a spiritual father when they are running around the country 35 to 40 times a month in different meetings and churches?

Does not a father need to spend one-on-one time with spiritual disciples who are intended to be in a father-son relationship?  Or at the least with a small group of like 3 or 12.  But in the religious system or machine, one is running around the country continually!!

How can one do these things and be a so-called shepherd or leader of a local fellowship and give the sheep proper care?

Leaders, are we building and advancing the Kingdom of God, or building our own ministries and Kingdoms?

The Church of the living God is not an organization or corporation, but a living organism made up of living stones.

Our relationship to the people whom God has placed under our care is not a master to slave or employer to employee relationship.  The sheep are not our sheep, nor is the church our church.  They are members of the body of Christ and so are we.

We are not Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) at least not God’s Kingdom anyway, maybe in our personal Babylon kingdom of ‘let-us-make-a-name-for-ourselves’, but that is not God’s Kingdom nor His ways.

Leaders, we need to seek His face, that we may get His heart and do His work with His ways and not our own.

We need to wait before Him for His blueprints and patterns and begin to do His work with His heart and ways, because this present model of the church is not producing mature saints or building any Kingdom but our own.  It is not producing the glorious Church nor bringing forth His Glory to fill our cities regions and nations!


Kevin Nugent
An apostle of the LORD.

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent



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To My Holy Remnant! — 2 Comments

  1. Awesome article… its like you have been in my conversations.
    I am preparing to leave a ministry due to religion being mixed with church.. There seems to be a lack of kingdom-mindedness in the church…