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  1. God will honor His word through you & those fished out by the Holy spirit to receive these Mantles will no doubt be arrested like ELISHA to ACCEPT THEM! This word is also a confirmation of a dream I had about Father Abraham’ double Covenant years ago! God bless you Sir with more Grace!

  2. Dear Chris,

    I just passed this word on to others and wrote, that since decades in our journey of faith we have wished to have wise and anointed spiritual fathers, – at least one, around us when we pioneered a small church in Germany with another couple! Both of our husbands worked full time beside that task and a big family, to have an income, as the church started with a youth-group.
    Now we have grown old (maybe your age) and still did not see the Revival or Transformation happen here in Germany as prophesied in the eighties already!! But we did not give up expecting, praying, waiting through many fiery tests and trials…!
    I would love to talk with you…

    • Dorothea,

      Believe much of Germany will have a VERY HOT FIRE OF REVIVAL, due to its FAITHFUL INTERCESSORS & the price that was paid through the Holocaust.

      BLESSINGS, Bev

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