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We Must Keep Serving Jesus to Find That Sweetness (Updated) — 10 Comments

  1. One of my prayers is oh Lord, give me the Grace to be humble & know you more. Only Jesus takes the Glory & not us! Lack of humility brings prides, strife, envy & divisions. We must learn to consider others before ourselves to destroy satanic ego. As true Christians, we must always remember that persecutions come to TEST our FAITH & if we rely on Jesus who went through it all & suffered most, we will overcome; grow spiritually & be able to help each other. Division is a satanic tool that does not hit the church first but is released to destroy us individuals who make up the church first & so we must ask the Holy spirit to help us individually. Without Jesus, we are Nothing & can do Nothing

    • Amen, Adams. Absolutely on target & I thank you. I pull this out you commented.
      “We must learn to consider others before ourselves to destroy satanic ego.” That is hitting it on the mark. As when we put ourselves before others, that is self-will and me, me & me then operating! Satan then has a legal right to step in. We open that door. It should of course be God first, others next and ourselves last. Good to see you on here. Blessings

  2. Jay, I loved where you said it was not multiple choice. The scriptures and referrals are all duly noted.
    The Lord is bringing us all who will let Him into a deeper walk. He wants maturity and growth in the body of Christ. Yes the Word of God will produce power! God bless you.

  3. The more that I love Him and more that I serve Him, the more I see the deep need for that love to heal the division in the church. Thank you sweet Joyce for your truth and love that flows so freely out of your heart Hugs, love you, Sandi

    • Thank you my beloved friend and sister, Sandi. Wow, I didn’t even catch all you spoke at first here.
      I started writung a new article yesterday and only finished this morning and released. It’s not even published yet, but on divisions. Confirmation. I hate divisions and long for healings in the body of Christ. Love you sis

    • Thank you Diane. I so love your pure heart for the Lord. I’m blessed to know you personally and be a part of your lives there! Besties till the end… I love you much!

  4. there are many markers given in the word of God so we can rightly judge our spiritual growth when the signs of mark chapter 16 begin manifesting to others you have been led to pray for. When the possessed are showing up to confront you there is no doubting you know that God is with you. Christianity at its best is dependent on what you are willing to lay down, most of the struggles that Christians run into are yes they want the power of God, but there are patterns of living, thought patterns, doctrinal patterns, and church groups and friends interfere with the work of the Spirit bringing them to the place of maturity when you have determined that Jesus successful life came and was only possible because He believed and adhered to the word of God and your successful Christian life is no different you must believe and adhere to the word of God this is not multiple choice that means there is only the one path set and seeing the signs and markers show up in your life is maturity, no condemnation just rightly discerning and applying the word of God Paul gives an excellent talk about this subject in 1 Corinth 4 the word of God will produce power

    • Oh so true – the word of God continually cutting away our flesh and incorrect beliefs and through people in our lives and circumstances life
      And I like the phrase Joyce used “flow with the spirit”
      Lord I pray grace of myself and all the friends on HKP to flow with the Your spirit !

      • Amen, Maureen you touched my heart. Would all God;s children get along and flow in His spirit. Bg hug and blessings

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