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  1. “take away” – In truth “EVERYONE NEEDS DELIVERANCE”!..yes, even the people of God in some way. In Rom. 10:9 our spirit is saved, 1St level of salvation – 2nd level of salvation 1Cor. 1:18 Heb. 10:39 our soul (mind, will, emotions) is being saved, an ongoing process – none of us will be fully delivered until we are glorified in Christ. Until then Phil 4:8 and bear one another’s burdens. Gal. 6:2-5 – Let’s go church!

  2. “Only when you come to Heaven, as your final home, will you be free of all sin. Therefore repentance and deliverance from evil go hand in hand.”

    “I AM coming for a spotless Bride.”

    Thank you very much Beverly. Can you please explain how these two statements do not conflict, but agree?

    • Arlen,

      Again Jesus is the only one clean / free from sin.

      We all have sin & therefore need to repent / say we’re sorry sincerely and if we are sincere in our words, our actions should follow through & represent what we said. 

      If we dont repent, we will be held accountable for our sins in the Courts of Heaven, as the enemy prosecutes us with a list of our sins that he is holding against us.

      But after he states his case against us, God looks at Jesus & asks Him if the enemy is correct?

      That’s what happened with me, when the enemy was trying to stop me from moving forward. 

      Because I had repented sincerely, of everything the LORD brought before me ahead of the court case, Jesus looked at His Father and said He didnt recall any of it. Jesus had forgiven me & forgotten my sins. Is 43:25

      So the enemy lost his case & Jesus won, as my advocate.

      Deliverance cleans us out of the dark areas of sin in our lives, so that we can be filled with more of Holy Spirit as a part of the process to become Jesus’ spotless Bride.

      I believe repentance & deliverance & inner healing are like puzzle pieces that fit together to form the spotless Bride, that Jesus is coming for.


  3. Joyce,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. God is so GOOD!!!  HOLY SPIRIT TOTALLY ENJOYED THIS ONE!!! 

    You are a BLESSING to me & so many others!

    Love you! BLESSINGS! Bev

  4. Bev, this is a powerful anointed word! Very deep and profound on deliverance.
    Our Lord is not playing, and wants His children free. Loved how Papa spoke:

    “Deliverance is the battle of My Kingdom vs the enemy’s kingdom within you or those you know or see.It’s also called the battle of good vs evil.  Deliverance brings My FREEDOM to you.”

    We are as free as we want to be! For people who think it don’t take daily repentance and a searching of our hearts, they are sadly mistaken.

    May we be free and stay free and not take the yoke of sin back on us.

    I love you sister and friend. Prayers and hugs, Joyce

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