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What Happens When You Pray and See No Answer? — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you Prophet Ken for sharing. Permit me to add the following.  I believe some prayers are not answered because:
    (1). God knows such results/answers do not align with HIS PLANS/WILL for us & will be disastrous. Example: Abraham & the birth of Ishmael
    (2). God may want to use such unanswered prayers to know those who will genuinely seek HIS face without wavering in Faith. Again , we read about Saul whose prayers were not answered but decided to visit the witch of Endor in I Samuel 28. 
    (3) That answer may not be in HIS OWN PERFECT TIMING & WAYS. 
    GOD works in Mysterious ways that are different from humans.

  2. As Christians, we have all asked why God didn’t answer our prayer.  Your post explained everything to me so clearly.  Thank God for revealing this to you so you could share it with other Christians.  All praise, honor and glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Amen and Amen!

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