South Africa: What if The Revival You Are Praying for, Came?

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Remember This :-


  • Always seeks to remove the splinters, while carrying the beam.
  • Always picks up stones of self-righteous judgement against others.
  • Always considers itself to be of a higher standing.
  • Always condemns sinners and sees itself as to righteous and holy to be in close association to them.
  • Always has an attitude of being slightly above others (better, more equipped, more knowledgeable and more perfect).
  • Religion is a god in its own eyes, and when it lives in others, it causes them to see themselves as being a god unto themselves (a super-breed that God is well pleased in).
  • The driving spirit behind religion is pride and pride-fullness, it causes people to constantly fault find in others, while using the weakness of others to present their perfection and their superiority over them.

Jesus on the other hand….

  • Always showed mercy.
  • Came to give Himself for sinners.
  • Loved and spent time with sinners (freely went into their homes and ate and fellowshiped with them).
  • Was condemned by religion for being unholy, because He mingled with an unholy bunch.
  • Was called a ‘winebibber’ because he shared at their lunch table and did not go there to condemn them.
  • Was called a friend of sinners.
  • Was rejected by religion, because He was not “holy” enough and was behaving in a manner that they could never accept as being “godly”.

Yet He was the Son of God!

What is the lesson here?

Another set of rules to follow as you change your old ones to adapt to the new?

Not at all…..

It is breaking free from the rules and yielding to the Holy Spirit to become the inner-voice and the inner-teacher, the inner-conviction and guide into the true authentic ways of the father as He gives them expression within your heart!

Anything more or less is set to become religion without God, the rules we follow without the direct Inspiration of the Life of Christ in us, and being expressed through us!

Thy Will Be Done in Me!

The difference between a religious mindset and a Spirit-led life, is that the one aims at “pleasing ” God, while the other has accepted their failure in pleasing Him, and rest squarely upon His inner-ability at work in them in crafting them into His Stature.

The latter have forsaken their ability in keeping the rules, and have yielded themselves (thrown themselves completely into the arms of Jesus) to be taught, led, guided and moulded by His Spirit.

They follow one rule as a golden thread – THY WILL BE DONE IN ME – and live it in Union with Him and His will, minute by minute and moment by moment, pliable and desirous to be formed into His will.

They have forsaken all of their own strength in working to please Him, and have denied their power to abandon themselves to His Grace at work in them and through them every moment of each day – they live, move and have their being in His Being and in Him working in them to will and to work according to His will.

They do not judge others, or compare their success against others and their perceived “failures” and thereby judging themselves to be of a higher standard.

They have been broken, and in their own brokenness there is no room for judgement towards others, but only for the same mercy and Grace they themselves have received, and have come to embrace!


It is HIM Who wills and works in you, not you!

It is a work of Grace, to be yielded to and received, not achieved! It is in being BROKEN, not in being fixed!

It is a DAILY yielding and process, not a one time affair!

What if The Revival You Are Praying for, Came?

What if.… the revival you are praying for, came and messed up your doctrine, splitting your “Church” in two, because it was what you did not want from God, and was not what you were prepared to accept, as being from Him?

When Fire falls, who will not be consumed, except wet wood?

When God works, who will stand in His way, or try to derail Him, except a religious spirit?

Young people, sinners and saints alike, came forward during the ministry of the Word in this meeting, no one laid a hand on them at any time and no altar call was made, except by the Holy Spirit within their hearts, some came crawling on their hands and knees, unable to walk under heavenly conviction of the Spirit.

These young people were so ignited with Fire and purged by the Holy Spirit that they remained under God’s Heavenly influence for days, some prophesied during the night, word for word predicting accurately what would take place over the following days.

South Africa: I believe we have just entered this season!

We shall see God in a “Azusa” type visitation sweeping our nation of South Africa – revival will come, then sanctification (a total yielding of self), and within it all, a pure new intimacy and fellowship of Christ will be born-again in the hearts of those affected that will lead them from a form of godliness, to being truly married in His Presence.

The Word for the new season of “church-free” believers in fellowship with the Spirit (being in Union with Christ and learning to live the Christ-life of authenticity without the interference of man, to organically grow into everything God has destined for them to become), is already prepared and alive in the hearts of those who will lead them into this season, and who will impart into them the Truth, the Life and the Way in this coming Christ-Awakening!

South Africa: Prepare for small groups on Fire everywhere!

Prepare for true non-compromised living in those ignited and a passion-filled, a Spirit-led army of youngsters who KNOW their Saviour and who will not deny Him or His Power!


~ Johann van der Hoven

Johann van der HovenJohann van der Hoven is in South Africa.  He has been serving the Lord in ministry since 1991 and has hosted numerous apostolic revival meetings in South Africa and in South America.  He also currently pioneers a organic church planting movement across South Africa.  For more information about him and his ministry visit Fellowship of Believers or Revival.

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