Who Hath Believed Our Report?


The air needs to be cleared about a few things.

There are some misperception that have crept in unawares.

We need pause for a spell and recall just who and what it is, that is the greatest liar of all.

And it wouldn’t hurt a bit to remember where he and all his cohorts are destined to reside in the end.

There is a certain entity that has been called the father of what?  The deceiver.

Distraction, is a never ending device of the wicked.  It’s an old plan, to keep people’s focus, veered to one side of the other.

We need to be seriously reminded of a proclamation of old.  It simply says, we are not ignorant of Satan’s devices.

It seems that we can become so involved in the latest of mankind’s list of achievements and inventions, that we can lose sight of who we really are, and who we are supposed to be.  The true ruler.

There is an expression that’s being heard often in our world today.  It says, satan rules the entire world.

Might we just consider that this is an offense to God?

He created this world, and everything that is in it.  Our limited knowledge and lack of true wisdom, won’t allow us to fully grasp a certain truth that was clearly stated.

God said in His Word, that He created everything; He created good and he created evil.  There is no argument with this.  Either He formed it all, or either He didn’t.

Our Father could have created robots.  He could have made all things good and sweet, with no real choices and no bad thoughts or wrong intentions.

God, please help me to be gentle here….

Our Creator, knew what Adam and Eve were going to do.  He also knew exactly what Lucifer and his bunch would be about in time.

Years ago, I heard some of our folk try to explain it away, by saying that God hid it from himself.

Time, is only what men have decided it to be.  Although we once understood it, the reality that one day is as a thousand years to God, no longer resounds.

Look at what Job had, and what he lost, and what he had in the end.  That story is there for a reason.

If we fail to take into our spirit that God’s ways are not like ours, and that He does not think like us, we can find no peace about the things that happen in all our lives.

No one, no manly power, is going to destroy this earth, until God says they can.

That time may be close now, but until then, no reckless finger is going to wipe out what God made.

The church of the living God, has not fallen into so much ruin and lack of power.

It’s likely true now, that half or more of the body of Christ, do not reside in some kind of building.

Jesus has been going to His sheep; just as He always did.

The Holy Ghost has been teaching the hungry, just as Jesus Christ said He was going to do.  There are too many witnesses to that.

Declare it.  There are more good people on this earth, than there are bad ones.  There are many more doing their best to be a good person and do what’s right. If that were not true, the righteous would have already been wiped out.

Satan has a plan; but so does God almighty.

We might ask, who’s the real boss in this world?

A tuned spirit senses that God is about to shake some things out.  He’s tired of idolatry.

Power, after the Holy Ghost has come upon you…..  It will now save us.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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