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What the Lord is Saying Today – April 2017 — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Bev

    I appreciate your posts and read them with gratitude – so often I’m lost in a maze and find your words timely and encouraging. I want to emplore you nonetheless to always always make sure your ‘predictions’ are from God. So many lost sheep (myself included) find ourselves desperate for direction, and grab hold of your ‘wisdom’ as we so often doubt our own. We rush to your posts as though a horoscope, hoping it promises things will get better….but when things don’t, and your words prove invalid in our circumstances, well….hope deferred makes the heart sick. We first seek God for direction, encouragement, hope, but acknowledge His use of prophets such as yourself. And take your words as straight from the throne. So please…make sure you are truly hearing from God before you post.
    With thanks and respect for the work you do,

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