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  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for your sovereignty
    I am reminded of what happened some years ago when I was losing my breath because of my asthma. My spouse was running to a pharmacy for inhale-liquid to my asthma-machine. We had one hour before we had to be at the airport. I was praying in my thoughts for my life. I was able to put my finger inside my Holy Bible, Tobit 5, where the Lord sent the angel Raphael to Tobit. My fear of death was eliminated instantly and my breath was eased. The angel was with me all the way back home and I saw a lot of responses toward my great accompany the days we were on our way home.
    I will share with you, the response I saw in a conference room. I saw angels being busy preparing for the next meeting, suddenly one of these saw this great angel Raphael on my left side and told the others and now they all looked at him nudging each other in great excitement, as if he was royal. So. We pray that the Lord send His own angels to the conference-rooms, and realize that we are to go where He sends us and tell what He commands us to share. God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

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