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  1. I have to say, that as I (we) am currently “waiting” on the Lord, it feels to me, as if, I don’t really know what I am doing and what the Lord is expecting from me, in waiting on Him… I just read your daily message and then realized… Yes, I can ask Him for wisdom in this time.  So I did.  I got peace.  Knowing that I have asked Him wisdom, to know how and what is expected of me in this time… how to wait on Him and what He expects from me… because I was concerned that since I feel that I do not know what I am doing… I was concerned that I will miss out on His new outpourings and what I am waiting for from Him… but He will guide me with His wisdom … and I will ask understanding, knowledge and insight as well… I know He will give it to me… as it is His will for me to wait and I am sure He will guide me in what He is expecting from me in this time… also I felt as if I dont have what it takes / what is expected from me to wait on Him… and that I will therefore not receive from Him, but I rebuke fear and doubt in the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ now, and remind the Lord that I can do nothing without Him, and ask Him now to help me, and give me what is needed to wait on Him and to receive what He promised me(us) and has for us, that He wants to give to us in this time and even as future comes along.  In Jesus Christ name.  Thank you, Lord Jesus.  Amen.

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