The Father Says Today – December 2014


December 31, 2014:   The Father says today don’t look back.  Don’t look the things that are behind you look to the things that are ahead.  Forgive, release, bless, move on.  Forgive yourself first of all for you cannot forgive others until you forgive yourself and choose not to recriminate yourself for things you should have or could have done differently.  Receive your deliverance by faith and make a decision to “go and sin no more”.

I am not mad at you and I am not recriminating you for things of the past.  My mercies are renewed every morning so RECEIVE MY MERCY.  Do not beat yourself up over personal humiliations and failures.  This is why you need a savior.  This is why I live on the inside of you why I EVER LIVE to intercede on your behalf before My Father.  Look and live.  Look to Me. Look to the price I paid to undo the heavy burdens and let you go free.  It is yoke easy and burden light time says the Father -step into your liberty this day.

December 30, 20014:   The Father says today this is your unforgettable hour.  Have the daring this day says the Father to fill yourself with the fullness of who I am in your life.  You are wonderfully and terribly made in My image to reflect My glory.  It is time to shine and time to realize I have called you to higher things, bigger things than the earthly limitations and territory around you can contain.  You have unlimited access.  You have unlimited access to My mind, My power and My resources – do you really think the enemy can restrain you for one fraction of a second?

Say to your mind “think the thoughts of God!”  Say to your eye “see what God sees!”  Say to your feet “Go where God goes!”  Say to your hands “I command you to do what God does!”  This is your time says the Father.  Say to your mouth “speak the words of God!”  My words in your mouth become God in your life and your circumstance.  I inhabit the attentiveness of your words – your words are the key to moving from mere visitation to habitation and possession.  All of heaven is underwriting your faith filled words today says the Father.  Go forward and possess your land!

December 29, 2014:   The Father says today that I am bringing you to a new and fresh dimension of intimacy with Me.  Your intimacy with Me is the most intimidating thing about you to the enemy of your soul.  I declare you to be the recipient of My goodness and My kindness and My kingdom says the Father.  I am taking you past the outer precinct of My purposes for your portion is the be more than an outer court believer.  Neither will the inner court hold any fascination for you – I will bring you past the rent veil into the Mercy Seat environment where My glory resides.

Friends, co-workers, family entanglements must not impede you from hastening to that place that I have set aside for you in My glory.  Have I not said I went away to prepare a place for you?  Put not that afar off says the Father for the glory realm is a future destination yes but an inward NOW reality for you to enter into and partake of all that is afforded you there.  Every prayer you will ever pray is inventoried in the glory and the glory is in you waiting to find it’s way out into your life as manifest answers.  Come into My glory place says the Father

December 28, 2014:   The Father says today no more delay and no more postponement.  I am calling you up to My instancy says the Father.  There are prayers you have prayed and things you have asked for that are as close as the breath of your nostrils and as near as hands and feet.  Your will, your ability to choose makes the connection between your faith and the substance that your faith brings into reality.  Can you take now for an answer?  Do not allow timidity or not knowing what to do next to rob you of the immediate change and shift in your life that is now on the table.

The people that do know their God will be strong and do exploits.  Stop dwelling on the obstacles and immerse yourself in My presence.  Drink deeply of My Spirit and saturate your mind with My promises.  In that atmosphere the boldness to act will find you and your faith will sprout the legs that will run you into the very heart of My purposes.  Stop stalling says the Father.  No more delay. No more talking yourself out of what I have promised.  It is a new day says the Father and this is your NOW time and your NOW season.  Rejoice and be unafraid.  The endorsement of heaven is upon you now for change and transformation.

December 27, 2014:   The Father says today if I am for you who can be against you?  Your enemy is not all knowing.  Neither is he invulnerable.  The lie that religion tells is that the dark one is somehow endowed with attributes that belong only to Me and that exist exclusively in My sovereignty.  So while the devil devotes his limited knowledge and resources to your peril – I have committed all of heavens formidable resources to your defense and your blessing.  What do you think the outcome will be?  Rest in the strength of My strong right arm today, Beloved.

Blind the enemy by your faith this day.  Faith filled thoughts and actions arising from faith confound the enemy and befuddle his attacks.  He only succeeds against you when you allow pressure and torment to keep you from abiding in the vine.  I say again My beloved – rest in Me.  Rest in My care and My superintendence of every aspect of your life.  The enemy may grope and flail about seeking access to your life but your victory and your ascendency into My favor is assured and certified by your faith in the shed blood of Calvary.

December 26, 2014:   The Father says today let My joy be your GPS and your direction.  The things of the past do not set the preconditions of the days ahead.  Your past will not dictate your future.  My Spirit goes before you to open doors that have been shut and to turn back the assault of the enemy against your life and your peace.  I am walking through your past because I am not limited by time.  I am the God of time and eternity.  There are things of the past you think have cast your prospects in iron but My sovereignty and not time and happenstance determine your outcome says the Father.

So widen your expectations and know that you are not bound by wrong choices made in days gone by.  I am shaking things that can be shaken so that only that which arises from and establishes My kingdom will remain.  Fear not the shaking says the Father.  Do not resist the turbulence that often comes because as I said in My word it is through much tribulation you enter the kingdom.  Press into the pressure that would turn you back from your highest heart’s desire and My greatest purpose.  Mount up with wings as the eagle and you will – YOU WILL surmount every obstacle and secure the prize of My high calling in your life.

December 25, 2014:   The Father says today that My intent is to bring you to highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  You engage with My intentionality by magnifying who I AM in your situation instead of obsessively focusing on the negative circumstances or pessimistic people you have allowed within your boundaries.  It is important to choose your friends wisely says the Father.  Evil associations corrupt chaste behavior.  Hanging out with negative, pessimistic, sarcastic people will not lead you to My peace or My joy.  What are you doing says the Father?  Where do you think anxiety and fear come from?  Guard your heart and your mind by surrounding yourself with those that are calling you up to joy and up to peace and up to victory and the thrill of leaping over the rail and walking on water with all your friends cheering you on!

If the people around you aren’t cheering you on and encouraging you to think like a water walker then maybe you should reassess the circles you run in.  Maturity is not about being negative and calling it pragmatism . Let this be a signature moment for you says the Father and make a choice to have a perspective of My purpose that is not earth bound.  He that sits in the heavens shall laugh.  When you live life from that seat in the high places you laugh and overflow with joy at things that earthbound people run screaming in terror from.  Ba ha ha!  If you are not laughing you are surrendering.  Reject the white noise of faithless counselors.  Lay aside the insecurity and find your solace and your peace and your PACE in Me says the

December 24, 2014:   The Father says today that victory comes through a submissive will.  You have to break out of the obstinate depression that refuses to look up and expect My greatness to manifest in your life.  Beloved, self-pity robs you of your place in My kingdom.  Take dominion over the embittered self and call yourself up to your identity in Christ.  Commit to My process and leave the end results to Me.  This is the next step says the Father.  You have asked for understanding but what you were really asking for was a short cut but I am not offering one.  Short cuts are for cowards says the Father.  Short cuts rob you of the full bandwidth of My glory in your personal narrative.  I am calling you to buy in to the full bandwidth of My process on your path to ultimate fulfillment.

So in your darkest times know that what you say affects who you are.  Do not be depressed or heavy hearted – rather maintain hope and posture yourself in stillness even when you can’t see the good in what you are facing.  Yes you can take a hit but quickly reposition yourself for ruling and reigning as a principality and a power in the earth.  Fill your mind with what you want to come out of your mouth for what comes out of your mouth defines the parameters of what is about to happen in your life.  Whining and complaining will open a gaping hole of suffering that you will immediately step into and wonder vainly “how did this happen”?  Don’t whine says the Father – it isn’t becoming of a warrior.  Open your mouth in praise and magnify My greatness in your immediate future – you will not be disappointed or turned back.  No this is the day of blessing and the day of My favor for you – just open the door of praise and purpose and determination and you will experience My highest and best just ahead.

December 23, 2014:   The Father says today there are always second chances, Beloved.  Despair not when the pressures of life bring out the worst in you and your faith fails under your feet.  I am at the right hand of the Father ever interceding to bring about your ultimate victory and ascension into blessing and favor and fulfillment of all that I have promised.  My best and highest purpose is still on the table for you.  There is nothing you face or any choice you have made that took Me by surprise or that prompted Me to take out an eraser and blot out the good things I have in store for you from your entry in the book of life.

Settle it now to LET GO of the past and RELINQUISH the shame and allow Me to wash you and cleanse you and CHANGE you so that those mistakes and errors and sins will not reoccur.  I am capable of imprinting your life and character in such a way that you will be forever changed, Beloved.  People will look at you and say “who are you”?  They thought they knew you but this is the NEW and IMPROVED you crafted in My image – a NEW CREATION IN CHRIST that lives and breathes and talks and manifests the GOD WALK.  So rejoice in renewal and restoration for it is your portion.  GIVE ME what I am asking for. Cooperate with the pull of My Spirit upon your heart.  Come into that place of compliance and you will see stagnation broken, your life resurrected in Mine and all things become new in a moment of time.

December 22, 2014:   The Father says today that I am your security and your trust in this hour.  The enemy will attack you in your mind and your emotions in order to overthrow the decisions in your life that removed you from his grasp.  Stand fast by the choices I have led you to make.  The faculty of decision in your heart is the means by which victory is grasped and faith rises up.  No compromise and no second-guessing.  The faith I put on the inside of you is incapable of anemic or halfhearted solutions.  Your faith is the bulldog of your soul having sunk his teeth into the devil’s hide will shake him till he gives up in howling defeat.  This is the tenacity I am calling up within you this day.

Do not give up says the Father and do not compromise.  Others with greater armor and more powerful reputations in the kingdom may have pulled back but don’t you pull back.  Remember the words of the writer of Hebrews – “looking unto Jesus… the author and the finisher”.  I am authoring in you and finishing in you – look unto Me for any other focus is too low and does not reflect that great thing that I will do in your life.  Refocus and adjust your expectations.  Face your challenges with the baseline assumption that all of heaven is underwriting the risks you are taking in expectation of My blessing and favor.  This is the day and the hour of heaven’s best come to your aid says the Father.

December 21, 2014:    The Father says today when you are under extreme pressure rely on My will to be working in yours.  Submit to My greatness in the midst of the pressure you are facing and I will keep you from making the missteps of unbelief and fear.  Break out of the “so what” attitude that dismisses the ancient promises of My word.  Make it your purpose to talk louder to yourself than the voice of the enemy, the voice of doubt or the voice of the external stuff that is contradicting My promises in your life RIGHT NOW.  Shake off the sediments of doubt and unbelief that have gathered like a residue around your spirit.

Call up your identity says the Father – your true identity as My beloved and know this as your true self.  Every other image is a distortion of self originating with the enemy – reject these as total lies and see yourself as I see you.  You are empowered.  You are entitled.  You are to be envied because what I am about to do in your life is off the charts and inevitable in spite of all the plans of the enemy.  My will cannot be aborted therefore align your will with Mine and it will become a container for My sovereignty and My grace.  This is your time says the Father.  Step forward into My highest and best for that is the only inevitability that is controlling your life right now.

December 20, 2014:   The Father Says Today I am calling you out of the holding pattern into an approach vector for all the blessings I have laid in stored for you at this hour.  You are not “waiting on God” for this is not “waiting on God season” this is “move into your blessing”.  Your blessing time has come and your audacious acts of faith – your conspicuous declaration of My goodness will bulldoze down the taunting enemy that says “you can’t” and “you won’t”.  He is not in charge says the Father.  My Lordship is breaking through every barrier in your behalf in this season.

No more waiting!  The Father says what you DO with what I have said is much more powerful than what you are waiting on Me to do.  At the right hand of the Father I have already deployed a full provision for shift and change and transition even that you have cried out to Me for. Start where you are says the Father.  Start where you are and despise not the call to obedience in the face of impossibility.  Will I not enlarge your steps before you?  The Father says that a miracle are coming and you will be a part of that.  You have a ministry gifting in your life and now is the time to stop waiting and wonder and actually begin implementing the things He has stirred your heart over.  Your hands are dedicated to the miraculous and the gifts of healing. Step OVER – not just step up but step OVER the obstacles and impediments and excuses and I will meet you THERE says the Father.

December 19, 2014:   The Father says today that when I prayed “not My will but thine be done” I brought the glory.  The glory that was with Me before the foundation of the earth came to My aid when I yielded My will with the finality that led to the cross.  Your will is the vehicle that brings My presence and My glory into your situation and into your life.  I can deal with anything except your refusal to make a decision.  I am moving you through a submitted will from authority – mere authority to authorization.  My authority rests on you as My beloved.  My authorization comes to you as you take on the form of a servant and become obedient even unto the death.

It’s get radical over-the-top time says the Father.  The enemy doesn’t roll over and play dead just because you shout at him.  It is your decisions that cause the enemy to tremble and fear.  Your decisions are keeping him up wringing his hands because your will is taking you out of the range of his attacks.  So yield your will afresh and anew today.  Even as My mercies are renewed every day let your fidelity and commitment to My kingdom be renewed with fresh resolve every day.  This is your portion and therein lies My promise and its fulfillment – in the submitted will you have offered up to Me.

December 18, 2014:   The Father says today that I am building Myself into your life and into your character.  Fret not at the people and situations and circumstances that change.  Life is about change and yesterday’s manna will not suffice for today’s needs.  Go out and get the fresh manna and fresh strength from Me on your ground every day.  Hold everything loosely.  Those unexpected adjustments that don’t always make sense to you are actually answers to prayers you have prayed and petitions you have lifted up.  Even when you don’t immediately understand know that it is not the enemy taking advantage it is My hand lightening your load and streamlining your life for the assignments and victories ahead.

So don’t look back.  Don’t look back says the Father to the things that are behind you because I am going to fill up the things of the past with My goodness and favor beyond all your expectations.  No regrets.  No second-guessing.  Just rejoice in knowing that your life is being lived out under the sovereignty of My hand.   No one putting their hand to the task and looking back will endure for the prize is found in pressing ever forward into My best and highest plan.  Rejoice says the Father and again I say rejoice – the rewards of obedience and yieldeness will only get sweeter every day.

December 17, 2014:   The Father says today I am seeking to educate you about who you really are.  As I am so are you on the earth! How am I?  Well know this beloved – I am not discouraged.  I am not distracted.  I am not preoccupied with what comes next because there is nowhere I haven’t already been therefore I am inherently up to the task of tomorrow.  Taking thought for tomorrow is a wasted effort for all that I am in your life today is all that I will be for you tomorrow.  I am incapable of failure says the Father therefore you are incapable of failure when you live out of who I am in your life.

Live out of who I am in your life today says the Father.  Do not worry about things – let things worry about you.  Say in your heart “I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart” and your praise will intimidate the enemy into withdrawing from the field of conflict.  Your praise discourages fear and discourages the enemy.  I am your light!  I am your salvation!  What possible adversary could contend with who I am in your life.  Say to your heart – FEAR NOT for fear is afraid of you.  Fear is so afraid of you that it stays up at night desperately thinking lies to tell you about things that will never happen anyway for I am with you.  So be lifted up says the Father.  I know you don’t always “get” this but I am so patient.  I am so patient that I am committed to spending today, tomorrow and eternity if necessary to convince you just how invincible you really are in Me.

December 16, 2014:   The Father says today that your joy is your GPS.  Go out with joy today.  Be led forth with peace.  My joy within you establishes the direction for your life and your day.  My peace establishes the timing.  Do not fall into the gravity well of dwelling on negative things and troubles and difficulties.  You don’t want to go there do you?  Know this beloved that you are where your attention takes you.  The enemy is quite adept at throwing up billboards of the negative to tempt you to exit off of the path of joy and highest heart’s desire I have you moving forward on.  Do not fall for the marketing ploys of the dark one.  Maintain your peace.  Preserve your joy.

Be lifted up this day says the Father.  Be encouraged.  Doubt not.  Fear not.  Failure is not an option. I  am working with you and I am working in you.  I am for you and not against you.  That isn’t what you have always been told but listen to My voice and not the voice of uninformed religious death.  There is nothing in your past that has so shaped your life that My “Plan A” for you is off the table.  Because I am capable – you are therefore well able.  You are able to take the land.  You are able to achieve your highest heart’s desire.  I am with you.  I will never leave or forsake you.

December 15, 2014:   The Father says today the past is the past – look forward to the future I have in store for you.  Rejoicing is anathema to the enemy.  Rejoice in My presence and My Spirit for therein in is your liberty and the release your heart cries out for.  My sovereignty conspires to bring you to highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  Receive of My fulness and know it as the baseline of My provision in your life.  Allow My kindness to guide you and to lead you to the center of the destiny crafted for you before the foundation of the world.

Time is not a problem.  Money is not a problem.  The fleeting favor of man is not a problem says the Father.  Who I am in your life and My supply to you and favor toward you will transcend every obstacle and impediment and cause you to become the shining incarnation of that pristine template of destiny that I crafted for you before the foundation of the world.  Trust Me says the Father.  Let Me take it from here. Simply respond to My leading and be lifted up to the substance and material truth of all that I have promised you from the beginning of the world.

December 14, 2014:   The Father says today never allow precept to overrule the intuitive leading of My voice in your life.  Never allow your finite understanding of principle to quench the insistence of My voice and My leading on the inside of you.  The enemy will come at you in such a guise as to elicit from you the conditioned response of religious principle but I say to you listen to My voice and He will be unable to snare you or capture you as a prize by his deception and his lies.  Surround yourself with the genuine.  Surround yourself with the genuine and you will always know the counterfeit when it shows up.

Love never fails says the Father.  It never fails to discern.  It never fails to see.  My love in your life draws upon the inventories of anointed intuitive leading to expose the enemy a reveal the lie before anyone gets hurt.  Trust that discernment.  You really can see with greater clarity than you know if you listen to My voice and follow the inward prompting of My Spirit.  Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.  The enemy is incapable of keeping His mouth shut.  He will tell on himself every time is your will listen.  Deal with him in the Spirit and you will not find it necessary to clean up in his wake.  I am with you says the Father.  This is what warring in the Spirit and prevailing in the Spirit looks and feels like.

December 13, 2014:   The Father says today that you are not a time bound creature.  Because I have time you have time.  Do not allow such thoughts to even enter into your mind for I am not a God of small things I am the God of time, eternity, happenstance and sovereignty.  Your life is in My hands and by My hand I am crafting your days and numbering them in My book.  So trust and know, trust and rest in the knowledge that a Master craftsman is at work in your behalf producing the template of heaven on earth in your life.

My thoughts toward you are more than the sands of the sea.  My plans that specifically and intimately involve you are more than the stars of the heavens.  I crafted eternity as the parenthesis in which My love would be worked out in your life in minute detail.  You see says the Father I am for you.  If I am for you who can be against you?  Who can diminish you?  Place your focus and attention upon these FATHER FACTS.  Let the FATHER FACT of My love galvanize you and expel all darkness, feelings of helplessness or fictions of a bleak outlook.  The best is yet to come!

12, 2014:    The Father says today never obstruct My kindness toward others.  When man was unlovely and an enemy of My kingdom I sent the Only Begotten to ransom him from himself.  Know that I settle every account in My own timing and your reward is in aligning your thoughts and your heart with Me.  Restrain your words and open your heart.  Allow My character and My Spirit to flow through you without impediment.  I AM the I AM and all will be restored by My hand and in the manner of My choosing.

Love never fails says the Father so why would you EVER step out of love.  Religion and religious minds know nothing of this love.  Religion only knows the strained tolerance of self-justification and high-mindedness.  Never allow this to be the cheap substitute for the Agape of God in your life says the Father.  Love passionately.  Love unconditionally.  Love without restraint and without ever pausing to check the price tag before you give of that which you have so freely received.  This is the path that I have warned you of and encouraged you to take.  The moment is now and the reward is now as you align yourself in every thought and deed to My love.

December 11, 2014:   The Father says today that this is the day that we celebrate who you are, what you do and where I am taking you.  Celebrate says the Father and rejoice!  Know that highest heart’s desire is the starting place – the entering in place to My promise in your life.  My template for your life is heaven come to earth and there is no other outcome that is acceptable and no other plan that will prevail says the Father for I am your benefactor and I will not be denied.

I will not be denied therefore you will not be denied.  I cannot be defeated therefore you will not be defeated.  Let go of all fears of being turned back or turned away.  There are those that would plow your hopes under and crush your dreams but they will be stymied and brought to dust and ashes.  I am the God who is able – I am willing to promise and able to deliver!  Lay hold on My promise with all of your heart and all of your soul without reservation or hesitation for you will in nothing be dismay or disappointed.

December 10, 2014:   The Father says today that you are going to have to think bigger.  I am not restrained in any way therefore you are not restrained in any way.  I am not bounded in My purpose therefore you will not be bounded in the purpose that I have determined to bring forth in your life.  The enemy that has place his hand upon your affairs will be crushed says the Father.  I will remove him far off to his recompense and you will hear of it and know that My hand providence has execrated from your life those that chose to trifle with you.

Enlargement and increase are the natural ebb and flow of kingdom culture says the Father.  Determine in your heart to breathe in My kingdom and breathe out My culture until all around you are the accouterments of blessing and spontaneous fulfillment of every heart’s desire.  You have settled it have you not says the Father?  You know the nature of the natural part of you at the limitations of the flesh but you have also perceived within the flight of My Spirit wending up within you to take you to greater heights and furthest fulfillment of destiny and purpose even My sure purpose for which I brought you into the earth says your Father.

December 9, 2014:   The Father says today that love never fails so make it your determination never to step out of love.  Forgive.  Release.  Move on . Listen to My voice and I will guard you and guide you in all things.  Do not allow the enemy to set the agenda for you life by the choice made by others.  Keep seeking the kingdom.  Keep seeking first the kingdom and dismiss every attempt of the enemy to derail your vision or deter My purpose and will for your life.

So listen to My voice says the Father as it speaks to you above the incessant and shrill demands of circumstance and situation.  Know this says the Father that I am working with you in the midst and your recompense is of My.  If there was ever a time that My word is faithful and true it is now.  I am your stay and your strength.  I am your shield and your reward.  Go low and worship.  Go low in humility and walk in release and love and you will know My favor even in the time of pressure and challenge that comes to test your faith.

December 8, 2014:   The Father says today that My gospel is the gospel to the nations not just to individuals.  I have given you power and authority to confront the nations of the earth with the claims of Christ . I am bringing justice and equity to the nations and to the ethnicities of the earth.  Wrongs will be righted and scales will be balanced.  The rulers of the earth will gainsay and resist My purposes to no avail says the Father for the season is late.  The time is at hand that the CHAIROS and the CHRONOS come together and bring about the unimpeachable establishing of My will in the earth.  This is YOUR destined time says the Father as you draw yourself into harmony and alignment with My purposes in this season.

Others will mock and deride the word I put in your mouth but know this – you are the one I am working with both to will and to do My good pleasure.  The distractions are being dealt with so empty your hearts of every affection that conflicts with My kingdom says the Father.  Fill your hands with the FATHER’S BUSINESS!  Say in your heart every day – day by day I MUST BE ABOUT MY FATHER’S BUSINESS!  Verily I will visit you and take up a GLORY HABITATION in you that manifests My rule and authority in the earth and in your life for good and for blessing says the Father.

December 7, 2014:   The Father says today that a sea change in leadership is shifting through the land.  I am raising up again in the earth women of destiny and women of power to lead My people as Debra led the armies of Israel to victory against their enemies.  Women leaders will now take their place in the ranks of what has been exclusively a man’s place in the body of Christ in the western world.  Women leaders of the caliber of Kathryn Kuhlman and Maria Wood-worth Etter will again stand on the world stage and command the attention of nations.

I will answer by My power and anointing the objectification of My handmaidens and show My strength upon women who will lead and walk in mantles of unprecedented glory.  The boy’s club is giving way says the Father to a new generation of women who will do exploits in My name because they do know Me and they have walked with Me and I will shatter the glass ceiling of misogyny in My house for I find it an abomination in My sight.  I will pour out and I am pouring out upon both My servants AND My hand maids says the Father so prepare to receive those who come in My name for they will not longer be delayed or ignored or marginalized in any way says the Father.

December 6, 2014:   The Father says today make a decision to look at life and those around you through the lens of My love.  That lens was shaped and ground with the heat and pressure of the suffering of the cross.  Refuse to be made into a legalistic, demanding or unforgiving person because of the wrongs that have been perpetuated against you.  Know that I am aware of your plight and I will settle all accounts with equity and justice as you relinquish the outcome and trust in My sovereignty to move and to arrange the circumstances in your favor.  Do you trust Me?  Let Me take it from here.  Refuse to react or to live out of reaction.  Rather respond and let your response be dictated by the filter of My grace and My unconditional love.  He that forgives much loves much.  Forgive much this day says the Father and your newfound liberty will renew your joy and restore your confidence in My ultimate process to bring all things to a honorable conclusion.

So refuse to have your way says the Father.  When the anger and injustice of it all rises within you and provokes you to demand satisfaction – remember that I am the way the truth and the life.  You can have it your way or you can allow Me to be your way, your truth, your life.  Let this mind be in you that is also the Christ mind. Be God-inside minded and do what I would do in the situation and what heaven and earth and circumstance conspire to adjudicate every wrong in your defence and in your favor says the Father.

December 5, 2014:    The Father says every one of the hairs of your head are accounted for in My book Beloved.  Every one of your days is numbered and marked for demonstrations of My goodness and My blessing in your life.  I am not looking for a reason to withhold from you.  I am not the God who withholds I am the Father who provides and guides and brings you to highest, best and first in all things.  I call you the head and not the tail.  I call you above and not beneath.  I call you provisioned and not impoverished.

I am not the God of poverty Beloved I am the God of increase.  Let your cry to Me be “More, Lord” for such a desire will I not withhold from those who abandon themselves to My limitless grace and unbounded blessing.  I take delight in blessing you – will I deny Myself that which so pleases Me by saying no or delaying without remedy.  Trust in My nature today says the Father.  Run into My name. My name is your entitlement.  My name is your safe zone where every need is addressed and every desire is bounded by My favor and My willingness as established by the gift of the Only Begotten.  It’s a new day says the Father – set your expectation upon Me and you will not be dismayed or denied in any way.

December 4, 2014:   The Father says today that I would that you hear My voice with clarity and fullness.  You have prophetic gifting upon your life.  You have prophetic gifting because the simplicity of the prophetic is to hear My voice and share what you hear for the benefit of others.  He that has ears to hear let him hear.  Speak to your eyes and command them to be opened.  Speak to your ears and command them to hear My voice.  My voice is the voice of many waters and I am flowing down upon you this very moment.  You are one who is destined to know my voice.  You are entitled to know My voice because the shed blood of Calvary is your validation and your basis of rightstanding before My throne.  I will cause you to see what I’m saying and to hear what I am saying.  Yes you will see, you will hear and you will sense the full bandwidth of My agenda for your life and heart for the world around you.

I give you the boldness today to discern the very nuance of the still, small voice.  Even the voice of my Spirit revealed in the innermost parts of your being.  You will be a student of the Logos and you will be a student of the Rhema even My present truth.  Where My voice is heard the enemy trembles.  Where My voice is heard liberty comes and healing is manifest and My kingdom is established.  Be attuned to My voice says the Father for this day I declare you are the recipient of all that My voice affords to those who choose to hear and see and know the reality of My heart and mind in their lives.

December 3, 2014:   The Father says today that you are stepping into the season when everything will now begin to change.  The geography of life that you have dreamed of and hoped for is about to become just a way station on the journey to highest heart’s desire greatest dream fulfilled.  Your greatest challenge is going to be framing a context for just how good I am being to you along the way to greater favor, greater ministry portion and a heavier anointing than you have ever known.  The day dreams of “what if” and “if only” that you have dreamed of My goodness are only the faint residue of that which I am about to bring as substance and reality into your life.  So look up!  Be expectant!  Know that I am your Portion in this hour!

The coping mechanisms that you leaned on for emotional survival will no longer serve you.  They are in your way and they inhibit the full flower of My character in your life.  Let them go.  Set aside the besetting habits, attitudes and opinions of the dry seasons for the rains of My Spirit are come.  Yes says the Father the beneficial rains of My Spirit are even now beginning to pour out upon you.  The clouds of grace, fullness and purpose are gathering over your seeds of hope to cause them to spring forth first the blade, then the ear, then the full corn in the ear.  You didn’t think I would keep you waiting forever did you?  Step this day says the Father into your new found fruitfulness.

December 2, 2014:    The Father says today that you are a tree of righteousness.  You are a tree full of the sap of My Spirit with roots sinking deep into the aquifers of My fullness.  The rings of growth within your branches are many and mark the seasons of shift and transition as you migrate from glory to glory in My purposes.  Some of those rings are thin and some are thick because some years had more My rain in your life than others.  Some years were more fruitful than others.  This is what your life is going to be like says the Father for with every rain I will nourish and cause you to grow tall and to bear fruit.  Every one of these refreshing times is scheduled on My calendar.

I have rains of provision and blessing and fruitfulness in store for you day by day and year-by-year.  So do not fret over the times when things that don’t seem to come together.  Those lean times and dry times are the years that your branches become strong so that when the winds and the storms do come you will stand against every assault of the enemy.  You are being weathered and shaped by the wind of My Spirit says the Father.  When challenges come just keep rejoicing because you will come out on the other side and experience My refreshing.  As you trust me through each shift and transition I will bring you to higher heights and deeper depths as I release Myself in you and you will see that I am producing a vintage of My Spirit in your life that others will rejoice to partake of.

December 1, 2014:   The Father says today I have placed in you by My Spirit a character and a personality that is not content to sit on the sidelines in any area of life.  You are one that finds scant joy in being a mere observer.  I have made you to be one that that finds it difficult to sit still and you are easily bored with dead religious folly.  When it comes to the things of My kingdom you have heard all the stories but you want merely not to hear but to walk in signs, miracles and wonders.  You will not be disappointed says the Father for I call you this day PARTICIPATOR and FIRST PARTAKER.

I hear the cry of your heart.  I will thrust you to the cutting edge of My purposes.  You will be about My business, I will use you and utilize you and release in you My glory.  You have the mantle of My purpose in your life.  My blessing upon you is about bringing exponential increase in every area of need.  Make it your determination not to play it safe and not to be afraid.  I will make sure that you’ve heard my voice and as you hear my voice and I will cause you like Peter to get out of the boat and walk on the water and gain a testimony of glory that has been the cry of your heart for so long.


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