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  1. Mama Joyce, these days, the commandment “Honor the Lord thy God with all thy heart is almost erased in most churches or omitted & replaced with something else. Abba Father (Almighty God/Jehovah) & His son our saviour are no longer adored by many of us but rejected & openly mocked. The most painful & shameful to me is the lack of respect for the powerful name of JESUS which is now abbreviated as J & you see some believers typing “In Jesus Name as IJN”. Most churches are now deserted by many of our kids/youths, many Christian parents are ashamed of identifying as followers of Jesus Christ; the Sabbath day is mostly used for leisures; with some even arguing that the Sabbath day should be Saturday with others saying Sunday; immoralities are backed up with Bible verses in some Churches & hailed e.t.c. You see lots of Division, Division & non Christian virtues! So, how do we expect to see the lifting up of the name of Our God & Jesus Christ? But I thank God for the few remnants who know & honor their God & His son Jesus Christ. Whether Satan & all his agents like it or not, HE is still God! HE is our hope & praise! Jesus Christ is our priority, not last & must be honored in all we do. Its undebatable! My assertions please. Thanks Mama

    • @ Adams, that message will sure preach! You said more there than many have said in a pulpit on a Sat or Sunday service! Only With your permission may I quote you?

      I have heard it said if He is not Lord of All, He is not Lord at all !! The Real Jesus is to be praised and worshiped, not a Baal system.

      We are to walk the walk and talk the talk. He is a Holy God who we are to revere. So many are churchy Christians but Jesus wants our heart everyday of the week. blessings, Mama Joyce

      • Mama Joyce, the lengthy comments came from very long heartaches I have been nursing quietly because of our attitudes towards our God & His son our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God for the prophetic words the Holy spirit gave you! I got relieved of some of the pains as i poured out my heart. Please Mama, feel free to use any part of the comments. Also, I agreed with all you said in your reply to me. There were very raw truth! More strength & Divine wisdoms on you. Thanks Mama.

  2. Alex, the Lord sure is with us all the time! He promised He would never leave or forsake us. God bless you

  3. Thanks Joyce, I have covid & feel like I am over the worst of it. I have read the encouraging words & verses, & praised along with the worship song ‘your still God’
    This is so important to remember, he is still God !

    • Angela, as I read your remark it touched my heart.
      I stopped and with the prayer of faith anointed myself for you in your stead.
      We claim the blood of Jesus, rebuking all remaining sickness off you! This sickness has to all go and health and healing to follow.
      I am believing for you and your house to be protected and a complete turnaround from this time forward!
      Read and claim Psalm 91. God bless you and thank you. If it would have been just for you I would have wrote it.

      • God bless you with more Grace Mama Joyce. Sickness binds people & so we must bind sickness of any kind here on earth with Matthew 18 vs 18 & lose the sick from satanic oppression called sickness of any kind with the authority we have in Jesus name. Thank you once more for your love & prayers for us.

    • Dear Angela, May the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ speak Mercy & Wholeness to your body in Jesus name. I will join Mama Joyce in praying for you in line with Matthew 18 vs 18-19. PLEASE, i want you to always decree with FAITH Jeremiah 17 vs 14 (Heal me o’ Lord & I shall be Healed; Save me & I shall be saved; For you are my praise!

  4. I was about to do my shopping list on line and was having trouble with it , but the Lord helped.
    Praise the I AM there all the time.

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