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What’s Your Kingdom Credit Score? — 2 Comments

  1. “To say, “Yes,” would mean to leave their job and walk away from what they have worked so hard for, good credit.”

    I did this some years ago and God is faithful. I have no lack, and I live a properly normally life. But all that I ‘earn’ is given to the Lord for to give me instructions over how to distribute.  I am also prepared to leave all things if He asks me to.

    “Nothing is mine, all belongs to Him.”
    Actively living out this statement makes the dark spiritual forces helpless.
    Because… who can steal from God?!
    And if they do, He will at the appointed time have them to pay back seventhfold.
    “Whoever is willing to take thee to law, and thy coat to take suffer to him also the cloak,” Matthew 5:40.

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