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The God of Glory Thunders Over You! — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you precious one for sharing his awesome words, it fill my heart to tears over flooding with the goodness of the fullness Father, Wow, was just asking the Father a moment ago today, when ? When will I see his goodness in my life, his promises to me come into the complete fullness, for yet my eyes have not seen, for I know this is my season of Greatness, Favor, Promotion, to be a blessing, as I have sought the Father, in prayer, Now I am expecting in great anticipation for it to come, to see it, to taste it, to hold it, All which belongs to me, in this month of July 2016 I sing and Rejoice in the latter Rain, of his Glory.
    Awesome Words, this day, I fully receive.

  2. “Do you hear the sound of an approaching storm?”
    Thank you Deborah, actually, to and fro, the last months, I’ve perceived like a sound of deep ‘thunder’ inside me and and my thoughts about it were.  Can it be that I possible hear God roar?!

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