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When People You Love Just Get Up and Walk Away — 8 Comments

  1. Joyce, you are on target! 

    The closer to God we get there will be those who get further away. They cant stand the FIRE of GOD’S LOVE that envelopes those who truly have a relationship with HIM. That FIRE that burns deeply to purify us & draw us even closer.

    With GOD on our side we have nothing to lose!

    Blessings, Bev

    • True dear Bev, and we have everything to gain! Wow ALL will be worth it when we see our Lord face to face!
      Former things will pass away. Like the old saying, only what we do for Christ will last.
      The cost is sure far greater Not to serve Jesus!
      Would people see He is the Pearl of great price. Hugs and blessings.

  2. Dear Joyce, I did have few incidents of friends walking away because of my faith. Some contacted me after couple of years. Others seem to have gone for good. I still pray that Jesus will touch them and lead them to Him wherever they are.

    • Dear Venu, Adams and Sandi,
      I thank each one of you for all your comments.
      You are all so very loved and appreciated.
      I pray for each of you and your families. For every sorrow let there be joy.
      What I was just thinking now, God has bottled all your and my tears up.
      He keeps track of the very hairs on our heads. What a loving, kind God! God bless each ONE. Hugs

      • Thanks Mama for standing in the gap for me & my family always. We appreciate your prayers & love. May God do even more than this for you, your family & ministry in Jesus name.

        • Thank you Adams and I likewise appreciate your sincere prayers.
          In the Spirit I know you only, but feel you have a sincere heart toward the Lord. God bless you.

  3. This was part of my discussion with my oldest brother this morning. I told him if people we love walk out of our lives & we keep ourselves from doing evil to them; after they have wandered round & round,they will come back to us if they are meant for us & he concurred! 
    Personally, many people walked away from me when I started to serve God the more; they wanted explanations but couldn’t get any from me & they became part of those who mocked & persecuted me but I continued to pray for them quietly. Some later came back. Initially I was bitter but after a while, I realized the Lord had caused the separation & I didn’t go after them because they were never in my God’s agenda from the on set as the Lord knew they were hindrances. So Mama Joyce, this prophetic word is a confirmation! Thanks

  4. I am so grateful that you shared your heart full of Godly wisdom, dear Joyce. It is with many tears I read it as I reflected on my whole life. It is so painful sometimes when someone you cherish walks out of your life and yet many times, they seem to ‘use you’ and like a revolving door come back only when they need something from you. I am copying this to put on my desk as a reminder to never take those revolving doors personal. (smile). This part is GODLY WISDOM to live by (my favorite part) Ponder these thoughts: We need to ‘press on’ and ‘love on’ till the very end of our Pilgrim’s journey. I will pass this on and keep it in my heart lest I seem to forget. LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING!! I love you and I love your heart. Thank you for being my friend. xoxo Sandi

    Don’t let anything slow us down on our way to our Eternal Home.

    Just keep your eyes ‘focused’ on the prize which is Jesus Christ. He is most faithful.

    God bless you all.

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