Where He leads me, I will follow…


“Where He leads me, I will follow” . . .  I’ll go with Him, with Him, all the way.  I wonder how many remember when we sung this old chorus?  How the sweet presence of the Lord would wash over us, every time.  It came to me a few minutes ago, to ask, are we still in love with Jesus?  There were so many songs that talked about this; Oh, how I love Jesus, because . . .  Jesus is the sweetest name I know, and He’s just the same, as His lovely name.  That’s, the reason, why I love Him so. We were going to follow Him.

There is no doubt, that our love for Him, in some places, has ebbed.  It’s the likely reason, that following Him is no longer first on the top of the priority list.  It would seem to me, that if we do not seek to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost, we are not seeking to follow Christ either.  Before Jesus left here, He told his disciples that He was going away, but He was going to send the Comforter, which was the Holy Ghost.  Those who had been truly following Jesus, were to then follow this Comforter, letting Him then lead and guide.  Following Jesus and following the Spirit, was the same thing.

Jesus had been doing the teaching, before He left here.  He said that when this comforter came, the Holy Ghost, He would continue to teach them, in the same manner they had been taught before.  Except then, He would live inside of them and teach them, from the inside out.  And that is exactly what happened from the first hour that the Holy Ghost was poured out in that upper room.  The Spirit spoke to them, just as Jesus had spoken to them.  If the Spirit was going to lead them into all truth, they had to follow the Spirit.  One might stop following the Spirit, if they felt they already had all the truth.

I’m not so naïve that I can’t remember why some stopped seeking to follow the leading of the Spirit; there was a price attached to it.  All of those who followed Jesus Christ, paid with their lives; beaten, jailed, stoned, rejected and mocked.  Most have forgotten how our early pioneers here went through some of this even here in this country, in the beginning.  Rotten eggs thrown at them, skunks turned loosed among them, mocked and made fun of; we were made fun of in school also, for the way we dressed and the way we believed.  A price.  Some today, don’t know about suffering.

Well, I feel that some of us have suffered anyway.  Many were rejected by their own peer group for wanting to follow the Lord; wanting to follow the leading of the Spirit, no matter where it took them.  Those of His day, did follow Him, everywhere He went.  Paul said, he gave it all up; nothing was important to him anymore, but preaching and teaching about that Jesus, and showing others what Christ could do for them.  Some of us, have nothing else to lose really.  It took losing everything, to truly find out, what was worth having anyway.

Can I still sing that old song that once rang out among us; “Take this whole world, but give me Jesus.  I won’t turn back.”

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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